Roast of Justin Bieber – The Ass-Whooping He Deserves

Roast of Justin Bieber – The Ass-Whooping He Deserves

Roast Master Kevin Hart warns the audience that things are going to get ugly at the #BieberRoast, March 30 at 10/9c.

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20 Responses

  1. Chappy Moore says:

    The hype is real

  2. Patrick Miller says:

    I’m boycotting this cuz Bieber needs to die. 

  3. Simon Jonsson says:

    Where are the comedians?

  4. Big KM says:

    Will watch bc Kendall Jenner

  5. roba165 says:

    Can’t wait to see the whole show! This is going to be hilarious.

  6. Sean Thompson says:

    I just saw Jaden Smith. They should just pull his ass on the stage and
    roast his ass as well.

  7. StrasnusDude says:

    i do not like the roasters

  8. Brenden Funkhouser says:

    Just unleash on this little prick. Bout time.

  9. Daniell Casttillo says:
  10. SUPERMAN! says:

    Wish Seth Rogen could make it

  11. Mikey Banjoko says:

    Where can I see the full vid :(

  12. H. Sag says:


  13. strawberrylegs420 says:

    What a bunch garbage sellout bs fuck jb

  14. Ajestic says:

    Ludacris should’nt have been there, no fun. What can we expect from him? He
    is buddy with bieber, he will go soft on the boy.. 

  15. Brandon Doan says:

    why is it broadcasted on the 30th when they filmed it already??? too
    fucking long

  16. Brien Irving says:

    hopefully they have some real harsh comedians otherwise it will be a dick
    sucking contest

  17. N.jendless says:

    I’m so exited for this and I love Justin but I think the roast is gonna be
    funny as fuck 

  18. Crack Mayor Extraordinaire says:

    Looks like it’s going to be shit.

  19. Tyrothios X says:

    yes, finally, can’t wait to see this lil shithead get roasted i am DVRing
    that shit cuz i might have school

  20. JRSportBrief says:

    Martha Stewart? Guess they needed a legit convict.