Rob Ford crack video released

Rob Ford crack video released

The infamous video of Toronto’s former mayor Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine is now public, and for the first time can be viewed outside a courtroom
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20 Responses

  1. James Han says:

    “Not sure if the camera is on?” Nooooo no nooo we would neverrrr betray you
    like that it’s noooot. Smh… (The most sarcastic tone I have ever heard)

  2. Rob Ford says:

    back in the good old days

  3. Filmone Waldeab says:

    RIP Ford.

  4. Bob The Boss Saget says:

    This guy is a boss

  5. Kendall The God says:

    this is sad

  6. Frank _ says:

    Play Peter Griffin

  7. Hank Hill says:

    I do propane.

  8. BEWTUBE says:

    Rob Ford…best mayor ever!

  9. jason westershire says:

    shame on you CBC for this…

  10. Puerto Rican Papi x says:

    Let the guy rest in peace jeezz

  11. SmeedaL33 says:


  12. Ant H says:

    Well…lesson learned, don’t do drugs kids.

  13. Exigentable says:

    cocaine is not addictive the first time you try it. it’s not addictive the
    second time. the addiction creeps up on you. it’s a deep, dark hole and I
    feel for the man, rest his soul. functioning addicts are every where around
    us, folks. you know several in your closest circles, I’d wager. offer these
    people support. don’t enable them, just be there for them if/when they need
    you. RIP robbie, may you smoke rocks with jesus for all eternity.

  14. FOCUS FASHION & co says:

    he was all rock no roll

  15. Todd Strandberg says:

    CBC: the Network of heartless Nazis. Yes, we are proud to put our logo on
    video of a man destroying himself.

  16. Dovahkiff says:

    Why was this video even released? There’s really nothing to gain, the man
    is dead which makes this feel just disrespectful.

    The man didn’t even seem all that bad, he just had some personal issues
    from what I could tell.

  17. Night Hiker says:

    Jenny Craig vs nutrisystem.

  18. FUNG CHANG says:

    Gotta wonder who the guy was who shot this video. He’s answering his cell
    when it rings at the end of the clip. You actually see his left hand
    flipping the phone by the camera. Also, there’s a bright spotlight pointed
    at Ford’s face the whole vid clip. Appears to me, the cameraman intended to
    use the clip to extort money.

  19. Steven Bustamento says:

    is this news?

  20. Ryan P says:

    Goodnight sweet prince