Rob Gronkowski Got Hit in the Head with a Can of Beer During the Super Bowl Parade

Rob Gronkowski Got Hit in the Head with a Can of Beer During the Super Bowl Parade

Rob Gronkowski talks about winning another Super Bowl with the New England Patriots, getting pelted with gifts from fans during the celebratory parade and possible Hollywood plans after football.

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Rob Gronkowski Got Hit in the Head with a Can of Beer During the Super Bowl Parade


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78 Responses

  1. AustinLong1639 says:

    How can you not love Gronk

  2. ScarlettP says:

    I love Rob’s personality, he seems so fun to hang around

  3. dmjdmj says:

    Still baffles me how a guy that size can make them catches.

    • Shawn Sanders says:

      That’s not what baffles me. What baffles me is how fast he is for his size. Maybe not this year but previous years.

    • jlbueno0611 says:

      bigger legs perhaps ??‍♂️

    • dmjdmj says:

      +tmazz85 I fully agree with you. I am equally amazed by LeBron. I was being a bit facetious.

    • 4c1dr3fl3x says:

      Because taller players usually get tapped as _guaranteed receivers_ who are both big, easy targets at close range and can reach above the coverage
      They’re not expected to make much yardage after that, just be the Statue of Liberty sized target the QB is guaranteed to hit near the line of scrimmage and move the chains rather than make the big yardage.

    • Awesomej 9 says:

      Still baffles me how gronk gets tackled when he’s like a foot taller than everyone lol

  4. thomas bushey says:

    I’m glad gronky made it to the show

  5. Ivy Yee says:

    Gronk is so adorable!!! ???

  6. STEVEN P. says:

    People might not like the Patriots…. but you GOTTA love Gronk!!

  7. AJ Styles says:

    We need Sony Micheal and Gronk at the same show

  8. Tony Snell says:

    Look at the size of those hands !

  9. PositiveMindset PositiveOutcome says:

    You already Know Gronk playing next year.

  10. rami malek says:

    i see 7 fingers on each hand am i high or does he has penguins hands

  11. NLMB GBE OTF says:

    Rob the ? please don’t retire

  12. Ray Paramio says:

    Gronk might gave us a answer about his next season decision at 1:35

  13. Jordan says:

    His sons a 7ft behemoth and hes still out there deflecting the cans . Dads are great

  14. MustacheWaffle says:

    Why does everyone think he’s such a douche he seems chill af

  15. FearsomeFire says:

    yay! i love gronk, his hands are so manly!

  16. New Message says:

    A more aptly named guy there never was.

  17. Zack Snow says:

    I absolutely hate to say how much I love Gronk. Hate the Pats with a passion but god damn Gronk seems like such a fun dude

  18. Harsh Junagade says:

    Gronk is that dude in college, who everyone knows and wants to hang out with.

  19. T Toehz says:

    Hi, Vivi! Hi, Gronky! Too adorable ?❤

  20. The Brownies Channel says:

    Super Humble, Super Athlete, Super Bowl Champ!!! Adda Boy, Gronky!

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