Rob Gronkowski “I’m Not Letting Bill Out-Party Me!” | NFL Network

Rob Gronkowski “I’m Not Letting Bill Out-Party Me!” | NFL Network

New England Patriots tight end, Rob Gronkowski, talks after a big Super Bowl 53 win against the Los Angeles Rams!

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81 Responses

  1. Justin KO says:

    2.5 round to 3 yessir❗️❗️❗️

  2. Aaron Gomez says:

    Just announced Rob Parker has eliminated himself

  3. Ninjachickenfingers says:

    Gronk should be a math teacher

  4. Thimo dei muada says:

    Rob gronkowski grew to a legend

  5. schurgy16 says:

    “I got 3…”
    Brain cells left

  6. 92greendogs says:

    no one said there would be math

  7. bargain bob says:

    Gronk’s favorite math question: 6×9+6+9=?

  8. Bigg B says:

    Rob already sounds drunk

  9. ex terminator says:

    Shannon sharpe and rob parker on suicide watch

  10. Romi Arkan says:

    Well, that’s Rob “forever frat boy” Gronkowski for you

  11. P K says:

    Gronk spiked an 8ball before this interview loooooool

  12. maksym rozon says:

    Johnny hekker was the MVP for the rams

  13. Benny Hath says:

    This offseason I want Rob Gronkowski to make a theoretical physics lecture series

  14. Elena Khoo says:

    I am going to miss Gronk when he retires.

  15. H Eck says:

    I love how he still has his shoulder pads on lol

  16. Miguel Tovar says:

    Pats Nation we got 6 rings
    can’t wait for the news tomorrow

  17. The Ancients Way says:

    Rob Parker has to move to Mexico now cuz pats won

  18. desperate for subscribers says:

    Why is gronk playing football?!?!? With his math skills, he should be helping scientists cure cancer.

  19. Deion Houston says:

    If you actually understand football, that was a beautiful game. A great chess match. Defense really does win championships

  20. Owen Terry says:

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that the spongebob thing gave millions blue balls

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