Rob Gronkowski TRADED to Buccaneers

Rob Gronkowski TRADED to Buccaneers

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76 Responses

  1. Davin Doan says:

    Breaking news: Patriots trade the Tampa Bay Buccaneers their whole entire roster for 5 bucks and a bag of Doritos.

  2. kid with a smug hat says:

    Poor Julian Edelman seeing all his friends go away and party together and he has to stay home 😂

  3. Bom Trady says:

    Michael Jordan Traded to Pelicans for Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram

  4. U_wind_sprint says:

    Let’s see these two and the other bucs pull together and play football.

  5. Johnny Figueroa says:

    This was Brady’s plan the entire time

  6. Alex C says:

    Imagine coming out of a coma, the worlds on lockdown, kobes gone, and Tom and Gronk are playing for the Bucs. Years been wild

  7. Groo Drew says:

    Let’s go us bucs fan won’t get bullied anymore

  8. Ok Joe says:

    Julian Edelman: Ok I’ll just stay over here

  9. TTC WORLDSTAR says:

    BREAKING: Kevin Durant has signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers!

  10. Life says:

    Breaking news: cowboys aren’t gonna have a chance this year, how do you like that?

  11. joe ii says:

    Steve Smith looks sick to his stomach talking about the Bucs LMFAO!

  12. Joseph Furniss says:

    This guy was just hosting wrestlemania and now he has to redeem himself by going back to NFL + Tom Brady and Gronk chemistry gonna be lit

  13. Leo palmisciano says:

    Pats: gets rid of Tom Brady
    Tom Brady: oh don’t worry I’m just going to take my whole team with me

  14. SilentShores says:

    Julian Edelman: “I’m coming over too boys!”

    NE: Can’t give Brady more infinity stones. Nah, you’re going to the Lions.

  15. Shaggy Zoinks says:

    Patriots: trades Everyone to Buccaneers
    Julian Edelman: All my friends are dead, push me to the edge

  16. Demonichellcat 707 says:

    New England: yeah tom we going to have to let ya walk on this one.
    TB12: so you’ve chosen death

  17. Bob Sacamano says:

    Gronk against DB’s looks like a dad playing with his kids 😂

  18. Anonymous Unknown says:

    Breaking News: The patriots logo is traded to the buccaneers for a 3rd-rounder

  19. Griffin Dyal says:

    “Stephon Gilmore has been traded to the bucs” -per Schefter

  20. Mark Raymond says:

    Friendly reminder: the Super Bowl is being held in Tampa this year.

    • kid with a smug hat says:

      Mark Raymond
      I think this team will only get as far as the super bowl tbh. Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson are two threats that I think will beat them, if the bucs do make the super bowl. The Bucs could also be the next browns.

    • buzzy4u2 says:

      @Tina Stringfellow nope they aint going to superbowl

    • BucsRaysBolts says:

      kid with a smug hat don’t compare Brady and Arians to Kitchens and Baker. Just don’t.

    • Tyler Ramsey says:

      @The One and Only how? Tampa has great receivers and had a horrible qb. Are you saying winston was drafted just to set this up?

    • kid with a smug hat says:

      Just watch.

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