ROBERT GARCIA BRUTALLY HONEST DAY AFTER MIKEY GARCIA’S LOSS TO SPENCE; MAKES MAYWEATHER COMPARISON was on hand in New York, New York where former champion Luis Collazo won a split decision victory over contender Samuel Vargas in their welterweight showdown. You don’t want to miss what those in attendance had to say about the performance and much more. Check it out!

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58 Responses

  1. jjayphilly says:

    He said he shouldn’t have took that damn fight. Robert knew it was bad matchup but backed his brother anyway.

  2. The Truth says:

    Wow,big respect to the Garcia family for being honest and giving credit to a great fighter,Mikey and Robert are very humble,Much respect to this warrior family.

  3. Qossi Ali says:

    I give Mikey a lot of credit….. Big heart!!! Everyone else is afraid to fight him… Big ups to you Mikey

    • R J says:

      @Paluo …worry about who Cuntnelo is ducking. Both black fighters Crawford and Spence would whoop Mikey’s ass.

    • R J says:

      There’s on weight bully in boxing…he’s a Mexican coward named Cuntnelo.

    • german80 says:

      +R J don’t be the idiot that makes this about race.

    • XGN Mythic Wolf says:

      Paulo Ecletik What does Spence have to do with it except for complete domination. Mikey called Spence out and there are even rumors he was running his mouth in his gym. No weight bullying there, just shutting someone up.

    • H Con says:

      Nah his arrogance got him battered and embarrassed!!! Annnnnnd NEW.. welter weight Moral Victory Champion..! Miiiiiiiiiiiiikey Garciaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

  4. Chauncey’Bolo810’ says:

    Props to Robert Garcia for just keeping it real and giving EJ his just do credit ?? for that ?? family I respect the Garcia family more after that solute the champ EJ

  5. Juan Becerra says:

    I see everyone saying it, but I’ll say it too – MUCH respect to Robert Garcia.

  6. joesmo113 says:

    Mikey is great fighter it was just too big of a jump to fight a great fighter plain and simple.

  7. Juan Sanchez says:

    I respect both boxers but on this one Errol won the fight.

  8. Henry Chavez says:

    Mike Garcia loses no respect, he adds to his legacy fighting everyone and Champions! Respect.

    • Dow Bun says:

      +R J What planet have you lived on the last 18 months? The so called best welterweights Keith Thurman, Shawn Porter and Danny Garcia have avoided Spence at all costs. They even tried to ignore him and fight each other. Mikey had balls they never had. Manny Pacquiao means big payday and a PPV fight. Just ask Adrien Broner.

    • Dow Bun says:

      +Boxer HVAC/R Mexicans attach race and “La Raza” to everything. Blacks are such great athletes, it aint that serious to us. We dominate other sports as well like Football, Basketball, Track and were now expanding into MMA . That’s why Blacks such as Mike Tyson and Sugar Ray Leonard picked Mikey. We don’t hate you guys the way you hate us. Our beef is with the white man . That’s an opponent we never want to lose to. We have hundreds of great Black Boxers that have been defeating Mexicans since the Julio Cesar Chavez days. It was Black fighters who gave JC Chavez his loses and Roger Mayweather defeated so many Mexican fighters he was nicknamed the Mexican Assassin. True Boxing fans who know the history of the Sweet Science don’t take any personal joy in seeing Black boxers defeat Mexican fighters. It ‘s not a race issue. It’s more about what boxing style as fan appeals to you more. I am Black. I am a big fan of the Mexican greats like Chavez, Barrerra, Morales etc… and I even think Canelo is the better boxer than Daniel Jacobs who is more of an athlete in that Charlo mold. Before social media next generation Mexicans made boxing a race issue, Black boxers routinely gave Mexican fighters the business. including JC Chavez. lol Us True Boxing “Sweet Science” heads know the real. I still got love for Mexican warrior boxers of the past I mentioned and to be honest I never put Mikey in their elite category. He’s just fortunate to be boxing in a weaker era.

    • Reality Check says:

      Henry Chavez that’s nice. But give Spence his credit too. I mean, he was the winner ??‍♂️

    • gregory mackey says:

      He got is ass beat mikey did nothing. All. That talk was to sale the fight

    • gregory mackey says:

      +Boxer HVAC/R
      Mikey didn’t do shit but cover up and get his ass beat for 12 rounds he overrated an the fight was lopsided .. he need a job as a little walking punching bag who refuses to go down.. mikey takes a good ass whipping with a smile and lumps so be proud ..Holmes ?

  9. Larry Wheeler says:

    Good solid trainer. Mikey defensive skills allowed him to last 12 rounds. Both fighters kept their hands high which is good technical defense. Spence called his fight the sweet science. Good to see Mikey came out okay.

  10. Pierre Garcia says:

    I was going for Mikey but tbh it was all Spence from start to finish. It was obvious early in the fight that Mikey was gonna lose. He tried, but it wasn’t even close. Congrats to Spence on the win

    • G Marru4 says:

      Garcia made it hard not to root for him calling out one of the best. I feel like Mikey knew this outcome.

  11. Roosevelt Buckley says:

    Garcia you got my respect you talked boxing not race

    • R J says:

      @Roosevelt it doesn’t matter anyway. Had the Mexican won it would be all about race, since he got his ass whooped Mexican are looking for other excuses .

    • PRINCE SHAMIYAH144 says:

      Roosevelt Buckley THE 12 TRIBES OF ISRAEL Judah =Negroes, Benjamin=West Indians, Levi=Haitians, Simeon= Dominicans, Zebulon=Guatemala to Panama, Ephraim=Puerto Ricans, Manasseh=Cubans, Gad=North American Indians, Reuben=Seminole Indians, Naphtali=Argentina to Chile, Asher=Columbia to Uruguay, Issachar= Mexicans

    • PRINCE SHAMIYAH144 says:


    • Roosevelt Buckley says:

      +PRINCE SHAMIYAH144 shut up

    • Ed H says:

      Roosevelt Buckley what does race have to do with anything

  12. Javier Hernandez says:

    Hey ! Other trainers needs to be honest with their boxers like Robert Garcia is because Adrien broner corner lie to him the whole fight and got him and the hood looking bad. ?

    • Demarcus Davis says:

      rami rawdah and Mexicans loose because they smart

    • Demarcus Davis says:

      Just like when I catch you on the street

    • Demarcus Davis says:

      I’m whooping your ass for trying to play fuck boy

    • Jay Lemon says:

      +rami rawdah not accurate pal jail is fill of diverse people black brown and white it depend on state because dummy white people are on drugs bad haven’t you check the news not a fan of facts I guest but I wish you would read on and stop being lazy minded because that’s just plain stupid of you just a suggestion.

    • Jay Lemon says:

      +Demarcus Davis don’t even entertain this clown he probable a Pakistani or Indian who love’s hating on black people because he’s pathetic no body even give him any attention because most people laugh at them in this country or even the world so he has no room to talk about us in that manner but no need to threaten him he’s a coward,and you would be wasting your time on this weasel.

  13. sydney hall says:

    robert garcia deserves big props for his honesty and humility. His fighter was smaller but held his ground and kept from being knocked out by an obvious future HOF named Erol Spence.

  14. Michael Johnson says:

    Mikey Garcia got dominated, mismatch from the start.

    • Jonathan Appleseed says:

      Charles Branton suit yourself buddy, that trash talk is common before every fight lmao, these two dudes are some the humblest boxers rn. So after the fight it was all respect.

    • Jay Lemon says:

      +Jonathan Appleseed I don’t think so,no respect from me.

    • Jay Lemon says:

      +Charles Branton exactly! these people are stupid if they can’t read between lines than there’s no hope for them he just hoodwink everyone last weekend he and his family know he wasn’t going to win.

    • Charles Branton says:

      +Jonathan Appleseed na Spence was talkin the truth garcia was talkin bs

    • leo estevez Leo says:

      You can tell the morons in here dont know shit about boxers having to be confident and selling a fight for ppv views…first of all, how you gonna be an undefeated champ and not be confident? Second, they almost always encourage some type of talk to hype up the fight…cmon man yall not woke

  15. Eduardo Gallo says:

    Robert Garcia, like your honesty… respect ??

  16. Latin Ace says:

    Even tho I was going for Mikey I knew Spence would win by decision just didn’t think it was going to be one sided

    • big tuna eat me says:

      Why would go for someone you knew was going to lose? I like people too, but if knew they were going to lose I will go for the other person. Just asking.

  17. Nicolás says:

    That’s why Roberto Durán and Manny Pacquiao are in top 10 pxp of all time, because is almoust imposible to the little guy beat the bigger guy.

  18. Marcus Davidson says:

    The best boxing family of the moment,the Garcias (real fact)

  19. James Grant says:

    It’s not just Mikey Garcia but his whole family, they are all class acts much respect to Mikey and his brother ?✊

  20. Philly allday says:

    Got a-lot of respect for Mikey and Robert they wasn’t bias and kept it real with the outcome. Adrian Broner would of been like naw I won that fight y’all racist ?

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