Robert Irwin and Jimmy Play with Baby Black Bears

Robert Irwin and Jimmy Play with Baby Black Bears

Robert Irwin, 13-year-old son of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, shows Jimmy some animals including a Binturong named Orville that smells like popcorn, legless lizards and a pair of baby black bears.

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Robert Irwin and Jimmy Play with Baby Black Bears

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20 Responses

  1. 1obxeclipsedriver says:

    This kid is going to pick up where Steve left off. Carry your father’s legacy well, son.

  2. Mountain says:

    Dis kid is going to get all the girls in highschool

  3. Suji S says:

    Fallon : These are snakes
    Robert : No they’re not, they’re legless lizards


  4. Kevind Alfurqan says:

    he reminds us of how most of 90s kids grew up feel/look like

  5. LiveSoju says:

    Even with such legendary shoes to fill, Robert does NOT disappoint! His dad was my legit #1 childhood hero. My heart just cried joy tears. Thank you, Terry. Thank you, Steve. We’re ALL proud of you kid! #BEAUTBONZA !!!

  6. Melin Portillo says:

    having a bad day? listen to Robert talk about animals, shoot even life itself! Kid is phenomenal!

  7. MrCrockaG says:

    This is exactly the type of people the world needs more of. People that are passionate and are willing to show the world just how amazing the animals of Earth and nature are. Something very much missing today.

  8. Lucy T says:


  9. Remarkable says:

    its like steve irwin reincarnated. wild

  10. Kitslams Art says:

    What an amazing young man. Just like his father. This brings me so much joy to watch. His father is smiling right now!

  11. jacob thompson says:

    Who are the 87 asshole who didn’t like this

  12. kiki J says:


  13. Markus Vestersund says:

    This kid could cure depression

  14. luffy ace says:

    this kid is so important, we must protect him from the yugioh cards

  15. Syroco says:

    I would watch a series where Fallon is introduced to wild and exotic animals

  16. Crystal Chiquito says:

    This kid has more enthusiasm in this video than I’ve ever had in my 22 years of life. ??

  17. Leonard Strohmaier says:

    i feel like robert is the adult and jimmy the little kid haha ?

  18. starshine428 says:

    He has his dad’s personality. What a shame Steve died so young

  19. Shi77er says:

    Parenting done right for the kid…☺️

  20. Gem Galang says:

    It is evident that Steve Irwin & his wife are undoubtedly great parents & truly genuine people from the result of Robert Irwin’s kindhearted & enchanting personality.

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