Robert Irwin’s Baby Camel Kisses Jimmy on the Lips

Robert Irwin’s Baby Camel Kisses Jimmy on the Lips

Robert Irwin, 15-year-old son of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, brings some interesting animals to show Jimmy, including a sugar glider, peppered cockroaches, African serval kittens and a camel named Wednesday.

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Robert Irwin’s Baby Camel Kisses Jimmy on the Lips


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36 Responses

  1. A B says:

    i never click faster on a video than when I see robert irwin on jimmy fallon

  2. JackStrait says:

    Why does Jimmy react to the sugar glider like it’s a spider

    • Ahhw E-Any says:

      ? he thought it was a rat. Theyre not even in the rodent family. Those get sold where I live, in NC. They “fly” or air glide in the air. They’re mini dare devils

    • Loki Laufeyson VII says:

      I read Jimin then and was like “well uh they’re Jin’s and they look a little funny”

  3. Joseph Montano says:

    Don’t ever stop bringing robert irwin please awesome guest on the show always brings a smile on my face…

  4. Cassandra Nedelisky says:

    I love Jimmy but he does not seem to be an animal person.

    But I really understand the cockroach thing.

  5. a paris says:

    He’s amazing just like his father. He would be incredibly proud of him.

  6. KAL- ADRIAN says:

    Jimmy’s reaction after he said they can kill an animal way bigger than them by grabbing right in the neck?

  7. Billcus says:

    Dude jimmy is so lucky to see these animals up close.except the cockroaches

    Oh yeah yeah

  8. peter rabbitn says:

    We nearly got an animal loose on this show..TWICE yes???love it

  9. Whammy Ham says:

    He get taller ever time get on the show lol

  10. Lavanya C says:

    Lay down on the floor and close your eyes – someone’s taking notes from David Dobrik ?

  11. Nancy Leighton says:

    “Can you grab that one?”
    “ *NO.* “

  12. mROMANce221 says:

    “Can you grab that one?”
    I lost it ???

  13. zakharia boulkhrif says:

    1:12 sugar glider: what is this kind of sorcery the never ending tube of hands.

  14. KANYE EAST says:

    *This kid is an international treasure. Protect at all costs.*

  15. hyungwon is done says:

    australia finally being represented by someone worth it

  16. Dav Silva says:

    The social skills though for a 15 year old

  17. missfangirlcentral says:

    Robert’s kindness is a facade. In reality, he comes on the show to torture Jimmy. ?

  18. Life's Wild Adventures says:

    I feel like Steve would be proud of his son, and that title lol
    Honestly I’ve been loving their new show, I’ve always watched Steve’s old shoe for inspiration for my videos. Steve was an absolute legend ;-;
    Also I can’t wait to visit Australia Zoo one day, and maybe hopefully meet Terri Robert and Bindi 😀

  19. Krislinn says:

    Sounds just like his dad. ?

  20. Amanda Alexander says:

    I say it every time Robert is on the show but: he is precious and wonderful and a joy to watch.

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