Robert Lewandowski scores BACKHEEL in Barcelona’s win! | LaLiga Highlights | ESPN FC

Robert Lewandowski scores BACKHEEL in Barcelona’s win! | LaLiga Highlights | ESPN FC

Barcelona FC beat Real Valladolid 4-0. Robert Lewandowski notched 2 goals including an unreal backheel goal to secure the win.

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45 Responses

  1. Ziyad Karim says:

    I’m actually surprised by Sergio Roberto the most. The guy’s playing well so far. He knows his limitations, but he’s at least working hard to prove himself. Xavi’s doing the right thing by not starting Fati since he just returned from a long injury, and been injured way too much. He’s slowly easing him into games which is good to protect him from those high expectations and injuries. When Christensen returns I would expect him to be ahead of Garcia.

    • LilUzi Vert says:

      @Chef Curry composed? The guy panics under pressure 😂 Kounde is WAY BETTER THAN Christensen on the ball. Kounde dribbles himself out the press, like no one can do that besides maybe Pique. Kounde c Araujo >>> Christensen

    • J stos says:

      @4th Genna – Patrick Vieira My Hero I think you’ll have to go to another thread to find love and praise for Raphina and Dembele.

    • J stos says:

      @David Golridge just wait till he loudly impresses you!!

    • Chef Curry says:

      @LilUzi Vert Not in UCL games watch😂 christensen is way more composed on the ball than both Araujo/Kounde and Xavi needs atleast 1 great ball playing CB in the lineup

    • Chef Curry says:

      Eric Garcia has stepped up and been solid the goal sociedad scored was just unlucky he was great that game, I want to see christensen in the UCL but these la liga games I don’t mind him playing

  2. Luis Rivas says:

    Not a fan of Barcelona but this is the strongest they’ve looked since 2019.
    Lewandowski is in tremendous form. Raphinha is a wizard on that wing.
    Safe to say Barça has taken full advantage of this summers transfer window.

  3. Pickle_Soup says:

    Lewy could have 4 today. Got unlucky on the header, and the last one, the goalie made a highlight save. He is scoring 30 easily this year.

  4. AF A says:

    Before I am a Barcelona fan, I am a football fan. It is good to see Barcelona is playing football again. Those dark years under Bartameou can’t be forgotten soon enough.

    • G Slang says:

      You aren’t by chance a Carolina Panther fan either are you? You’re the first person I’ve seen whose an OSU and Barca fan like me.

    • Reasonable Human says:

      correct, there are some sports you only watch due to a certain player or a team for e.g. Roger Federer in tennis, Barcelona in soccer.

    • Tyler Solvestri says:

      We still have players who renewed under him, it’s not like if it has been 10 years. We are still recovering

    • ksenya Ehorova says:

      Yea man we Barca fans understand you
      At last what we are known for good football

    • Aamir Razak says:

      It will take time for them to recover from the disaster bartomeu created but this is a positive sign they have to keep it up

  5. Feisar says:

    Dembele is such a beast. Absolute world class. Assist, after assist, after assist…
    Barca would struggle without him.

    • Jim Jones says:

      @Sebastian Diaz his style of play calls for him to make risky and unconventional plays at high speed. It doesn’t always work out but it usually does and that’s why he’s one of the top performers on the team or you think he’s not a top player?

    • Sebastian Diaz says:

      @Iam Champ he’s been at Barca for like six years now, if he was gonna improve he would’ve done so. It’s not only that , he makes the dumbest mistakes in game I think I’ve ever seen 😭

    • irving pagan says:

      @Jim Jones exactly

    • Jim Jones says:

      @TON I thought he was injured a lot but you’re claiming he’s been playing badly? I’ve really never seen a game where I can see he was horrendous. Always one of the best barca players on the pitch when he plays even in the Messi era. No he’s not a goal machine he plays like a traditional winger that creates mayhem on the wings and uses that to make plays. CR7 changed the winger role to where fast strikers play on the wing. These wingers only have goal on their mind. Dembele is a play maker.

    • Iam Champ says:

      @Sebastian Diaz he definitely can. He’s only 25. Just need to work on his finishing.

  6. John the fan. says:

    Halaand and Lew are proving that scoring in the German league wasn’t because it was farmers. They are just good players.

    • Jim Jones says:

      only the most casual of fans call Bundesliga a farmers league. Ligue 1 on the other hand, I can agree that’s a farmers league. Main reason I think PSG doesn’t do well in UCL is because they don’t have enough good teams to challenge them in Ligue 1 so they are unprepared for the tough UCL games being used to steam-rolling teams all year domestically.

    • Kris 82 says:

      Definitely. Even now they are promoting the Bundesliga.

  7. Thami Dlomo says:

    Lewandowski just created the Bundesliga logo in the first goal tributes to his former league 🐐

  8. Nick says:

    Looks like Lewa is in good hands, take care of him for us Barca fans

  9. lapin_san says:

    They should give him a golden ball for 2020, and no one would complain about it. Because Lewandowski deserved this award like no other !!!!!!! France Football, show your class and do what you have to do.

  10. ivannn says:

    Guys look at our signings ! Lewandowski with two goals Kounde with the goal line clearance and Raphinha with that amazing assist !
    Also Dembele has been amazing since Xavi

    • David Jonathan Díaz Rivera says:

      I’m a Real Madrid fan but I’m afraid of this new Barcelona. Great passes, total control of the ball, fantastic assists from Dembele, Lewandowski scoring like eating peanuts relaxing at the porch. Still don’t know how they could sign players with such an amount of debt but I see Barcelona winning La Liga, the UCL and the rest of titles.

    • Kevin Gutierrez says:

      @Denilson Mena not yet. We need four more solid seasons until he’s a “good investment”. This is his first season actually playing football

    • Denilson Mena says:

      Démbele was a good investment 💪

    • Ryukobestwaifu says:

      It’s about time our signings have started paying off even dembele is finally playing how we wanted

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