Robert Mueller obtains Trump transition emails

Robert Mueller obtains Trump transition emails

Lawyers representing the Trump presidential transition wrote to members of Congress accusing special counsel Robert Mueller of obtaining unauthorized access to tens of thousands of transition emails, including what they claim to be documents protected by attorney-client privilege.

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28 Responses

  1. JJ Gragas says:

    Damn, this administration acts so guilty.

  2. Jennifer Means says:

    This government needs an enema

  3. azdgariarada says:

    But what about his emails?

  4. GoatsMcGee says:

    f a k e n e w s

  5. Serjio says:

    Hahahaha lets see how this also falls on there face

    • Bhuvanesh Arumugam says:

      man, they been trying this shit for over an year now. I genuinely the american people really dont give a fuck anymore. Things are looking good of the USA economically. Jobs are coming back. H4 dependent visas that allow spouses of work-permit holders to work are going away. Its more jobs for Americans specifically a lot of low skilled labour back to the americans who need them most.

      Note sure what they are cribbing about….

  6. Thomas R says:

    Too bad there’s no electoral college in the legal system to save Trump this time.

  7. Trevor Gman says:

    LOL this is nothing New… Its a tactic that slutty lawyers use all the time after evidence is uncovered. They try to discredit the evidence or try anyway to get it thrown out… But this is just smoke screening to try and muddy the waters. Trumps lawyers already know the FBI got everything legally and in do process. But they are going to try and muddy the waters so when they fire Muller they have some bullshit to throw out to the IDIOT american public that still supports Turd Monkey Trump. If he fires Muller before the investigation is done…. The republicans are done as a party. They will not win another election… LOL they LOST to an idiot corporate Dem in ALABAMA LOL

  8. yruin says:

    is hanging still the penalty for treason?

  9. Donald Storm says:

    There are no conflicts this President is about to be impeached and so are a lot of people are going to jail too this is Administration has done everything illegal pretty much so is that impeach impeach impeach

  10. The John & Swizz Show says:


  11. Arcticnerd says:

    If Mueller is fired we must impeach.

  12. Blessed Rootz says:

    In one of those emails trump wrote to Donald jr “Covfefe son” ?

  13. Tracy Hughes says:

    Hey Andre…. Hillary was already investigated…. hillary is not the president….

  14. Aj Pal says:

    Is’nt Muller a registered republican??

  15. Weet-bix says:

    Fake news

  16. zzeBIGcosmos says:

    Fake news

  17. tik tok tik tok says:

    so why did they not get the dnc server ??? and when will the false leaks start ???

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