Robert Wagner called “person of interest” in mysterious Natalie Wood death

Robert Wagner called “person of interest” in mysterious Natalie Wood death

Investigators tell “48 Hours” they have a person of interest in the mysterious death of actress Natalie Wood. In November 1981, the “Rebel Without a Cause” actress drowned after disappearing from her family’s yacht. Wood’s death was originally ruled an accident, but in 2011, the Los Angeles County sheriff’s department re-opened the investigation. “48 Hours” correspondent Erin Moriarty joins “CBS This Morning” to preview her report, which airs Saturday, Feb. 3, at 10/9c on CBS.

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41 Responses

  1. Trinidad The Island Man says:

    I always liked Heart to Heart, but found iit strange these circumstances strange. I would love to hear if there was any suspect behavior Stephanie Powers had seen over the long running show that might indicate violence…

  2. Goofy Flan says:

    ALMOST 40 YEARS LATER!?!?!? The system IS NOT and HAS NEVER BEEN that broken!
    Wagner must have fallen behind on his payments.

    • Vicious Pit says:

      Curi0u50ne give him the rest of his life in jail…no breaks!

    • Goofy Flan says:

      Yeah, and as you can clearly see, that slow-pay chit don’t work with law enforcement. My broke @ss almost went to jail for cursing someone out ON THE PHONE. They called it a terroristic threat. Almost JAILED for hurting someones’ feelings, while he’s only ‘a person of interest’ 40 years later in his wifes’ DEATH. EVEN if he confesses, he’s 87 and all his lawyer has to to is invoke the dementia defense.

    • Vicious Pit says:

      Goofy Flan Reminds me of the guy that confessed to killing Bob Marley on his deathbed. The dude that killed Meager Evers went to jail a few years ago and died last month, that wasn’t enough time.

    • TenaciousC says:

      Goofy Flan , you’re an idiot. Were you there?

  3. Andre Herring says:

    Typ white lies

  4. Larry Scott says:

    Celebrities always get a pass.
    This isn’t going anywhere. 40 yrs on, with no new evidence? There’s nothing to act on.

  5. Steph V says:

    Wonder what Christopher Walken knows…

  6. Carrie Heffernan says:

    Great! Now investigate Shelly Miscavige too.

  7. Mike Papa says:

    Natalie didn’t deserve

  8. War2016 says:

    they need to take a lie detector test

    • riverw007 says:

      War2016 Lie detector tests are a sham and have nothing to do with science in any way. They may as well bring in a phrenologist to read the bumps on their skulls or give them a cup of tea and read the leaves.

    • Linda Sturm says:

      War2016 It’s just a tool, law enforcement uses to rule people out, but it is also not very reliable and can’t be used as evidence in a court of law. Ted Bundy and Gary Ridgeway(Green River Killer) both passed their lie detector tests.

  9. Dan Banks says:

    This has resurfaced many times now over they years since this happened.Did someone make a death bed confession or something?

  10. 7mandoblu says:

    I’m not surprised if Robert Wagner gets charged in her death. He always been very suspicious to me.

  11. wd40 ducttape says:

    What kind of wood don’t float?

  12. T Taylor says:

    Hes ALWAYS been a person of interest. They have stuffed this down and it’s LONG past time for her murderer to be held accountable. LONG past time.
    Finally get some justice for this poor woman, and her family. Get it done!!
    So very much luv to ALL!!??
    EVERYTHING is coming to light now, nothing will be able to be hidden anymore. Much more will be exposed well past this particular crime. Wait to see all those who got away with things for years NOW be exposed for WHAT and WHO they REALLY ARE. I’m gonna get some popcorn.?

  13. Boskimo says:

    Recipe for tragic ending: Mix alcohol & jealousy to serve up violent rage and wife overboard. Textbook crime of passion.

  14. Linda Sturm says:

    Changing your story several times about important facts usually means you are lying to cover up your involvement, Mr. Robert Wagner. Criminal investigators use the phrase “person of interest” when they’re suspicious of a person but don’t have enough evidence to arrest the person.

  15. Vicious Pit says:

    Before Ray Charles died I’m sure he could see that Robert Wagner was responsible for Natalie Woods death. RW went on to marry Stephanie Powers. Wasn’t Natalie afraid of the water.

  16. Aremor says:

    This is disguised as a tv show coming soon. They’ll keep living off this even after he;s dead.

  17. suzie mills says:

    Why now ? I was always wondering what Walkin knows . Natalie also had a terrible drinking problem . I think she fell

  18. Bill Haigney says:

    There should be am Real investigation into how this case was Mis-handeled, wjho mis-handled it and why were they allowed to Retire with a pension for covering up the Truth about this horrendous crime!

  19. ashleyxo says:

    ryan and shane need to get on this lol (if ya know, you know)

  20. Jennifer Love says:

    I was 13 when she died, and declared his guilt to my parents immediately after the news broke

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