Robin Thicke – Back Together ft. Nicki Minaj

Robin Thicke – Back Together ft. Nicki Minaj

‘Back Together’ ft. Nicki Minaj available now:

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19 Responses

  1. Peter Healy says:

    What a shit fuckin song Robin thicke is useless!!

  2. Devion Priester says:

    who came for Nicki ?

  3. Ahmed Osama says:

    السحليه نيكي مناج
    Nicki the Lizard with her voice rounded the good 70th song

  4. Ahmed Osama says:

    and Robin get back to his only edge the 70th time when all thing are was so

  5. Bella _Dé_Madridista says:

    Meek Mill diss track to Robin in 3…2…1

  6. Ahmed Osama says:

    hey robin

  7. beyonce nickimariahlover123 says:

    Only came for NICKI!!!??❤

  8. Bibbie Sandy says:


  9. Emir says:

    3:24 dat face lol

  10. Alex P says:

    Only here for Queen Nicki.

  11. Andrea Williams says:

    I like it. It’s appropriate for a come back song for Robin. Nicki was a
    fresh twist on this track.

  12. Ahmed Osama says:

    Robin Thicke احاااااااااه علي للي انت عملته
    that damn hot

  13. funkmex75 says:

    nicki has the cutest little smile.

  14. Miracle Holliday says:

    You know Nicki verse finna be fire when she say “YO”

  15. Wckd RSPS says:

    I have to admit, this song is super catchy.

  16. Andrea Garciia says:

    Nicki ?????

  17. Nicole Francis says:

    I like it .. its not bad most of yall came for Nicki (me 2 )but robin kinda
    “coming ” back and this ain’t a bad start tho .. even tho he can do bttr
    cuz ive seen better but still tho I liked it ..

  18. laura arreguin says:

    Watched this only for nickiiii ooops

  19. Kamilla Jobs says:

    BR porra ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥