Robin Williams’ Widow Discusses Husband’s Tragic Death

Robin Williams’ Widow Discusses Husband’s Tragic Death

Susan Williams gives her first interview since the famed comedian’s death in August 2014.

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20 Responses

  1. William Straughan says:

    u people have to remember the video is cut her crying then not they stop
    filming then start again

  2. Kari Jones says:

    I miss Robin

  3. MrDream5 says:

    Life long Massive drug use,….legal & illegal.

  4. Michelle Smith says:

    Classic signs of a B12 deficiency! ! !

  5. Priscilla Fumero says:

    God Bless Robin Williams. The Comedy Will Be The Same.

  6. Daniel Elijah says:

    take your life…..go to hell, no matter who you are

  7. zigyzigy13 says:

    7 year relationship? Bwa ha haaaaaaaaaa! White people are so funny!

  8. zigyzigy13 says:

    Marriage in white society only last 1 year. What’s the point in getting

  9. zigyzigy13 says:

    Aha ha! So fake and it’s too funny. White people are born actors. Remember
    that, non-whites.

  10. TheBenjaminKiddo says:

    Zigy shut the fuck up you twat. She’s faking it but your comments are

  11. c laird says:

    that diagnose is not in the dsm nice try he was depressed.

  12. Anthony Rispo says:

    That’s not real CRYING .. sorry!

  13. Lyme Stats says:

    Sounds like Lyme disease…

  14. Peter DeWitt says:

    Good call on cutting from her fake crying to the photo montage. Watch
    Stefan Molyneux’s video about Williams’ death. He basically puts it all on
    the hands of women like this Susan character (in Stefan’s words
    “estrogen-based parasites). I’m not sure if I agree, and Molyneux can be
    full of shit (Trayvon), but this one seems important.

  15. surge kalashnik says:

    she killed him.

  16. SUGAR XYLER says:

    ~ No comment.

  17. TallicLizzy says:

    What a phony.

  18. Kanaka Lee says:

    Alligator tears, as fake as a three dollar bill. She killed him!

  19. TheRealTrikein says:

    Wow, thought it was just me that felt something was…off about this
    interview. Thought I was being cynical..but now after reading all the
    comments… THAT BITCH!!!!

  20. Jazneo Gamming says:

    so many rude people comment section. she wont accept depression most family
    member wont they want to find what made him do instead believe it was
    depression. this video was cut. she was not faking it