Roblox B̶̷̶l̶̷̶o̶̷̶x̶̷̶ ̶̷̶F̶̷̶r̶̷̶u̶̷̶i̶̷̶t̶̷̶s̶̷̶ King Legacy In A Nutshell V3

Roblox B̶̷̶l̶̷̶o̶̷̶x̶̷̶ ̶̷̶F̶̷̶r̶̷̶u̶̷̶i̶̷̶t̶̷̶s̶̷̶ King Legacy In A Nutshell V3

Today’s In a Nutshell will be on Roblox King Legacy, a Roblox RPG game based on the anime One Piece. The game is very similar to Blox Fruits and is the second most popular One Piece game on Roblox. So what that means is yeah… most of this video is going to be a shetpost.

King Legacy is a generic Roblox roleplaying game (RPG) where players complete quests, level up and get more powerful gears. Currently, there is the First and Second Sea. NPCs in the Second Sea are stronger, and the player needs to be at least level 2250 to enter. The levelling is almost the same as Blox Fruits, where each island has a few NPC giving out quests, and completing them will level you up. The current max level is 4000, so you can go from noob to pro in a day or two if you are dedicated. Using codes will help you level faster.

There are 3 types of attacks for combat: fruit, melee and sword. Each type of attack has different abilities, and their damage depends on your stats.

Fruits are obtained by scavenging, rolling from gacha or buying from the black market. Fruits spawn every 1 or 2 hours and you can roll for them 5 times every 6 hours. The black market restocks every hour but fruits there are randomized. There is no definite tier list of which fruit is the best. The best fruit depends on your combo and how it synergizes with other abilities. Certain fruits are good for grinding, while others are good for PvP. The good fruits are Dragon, Dough, Light, Magma, Gravity, Dark and Venom.

For melee, there are currently 5 fighting styles: Black Leg, Cyborg, Real Water Style (Fishman Karate), Dragon Claw and Electro. All except Fishman Karate can be upgraded to V2 for more damage and cooler effects.

Swords have 2 abilities, and they are obtained by killing bosses or by purchasing. Sword can be upgraded at the blacksmith. The normal upgrade gives more damage, and the enchantment gives special effects.

Like Blox Fruits, there are special abilities like Busoshoku Haki, Kenbunshoku Haki, Soru, Geppo and Haoshoku Haki (Conqueror’s haki). Buso Haki makes you black and deals more damage on non-fruit attacks. Ken Haki gives ESP and auto-dodge. Soru lets you teleport a short distance, Geppo lets you jump in the air, and Conqueror’s Haki stuns lower-level people around you.

So yeah, just like all the other Roblox In A Nutshell videos, I will attempt to show everything Roblox King Legacy has to offer: abilities, fruits, fighting styles, swords, guns, races, accessories, stats, combat, and grinding. Some people speculate that guns will be added in the next update and that would be hilarious cuz it would just be like Blox Fruits. And like always, this Roblox video is filled with a crapload of dumb jokes and dead memes and takes the form of a funny moments/funny montage/edit. Hit the like and the subscribe button if you enjoyed this video, click the bell icon and don’t forget to comment in the comment section.

This video contains a crap load of dead memes and bad jokes. Viewer discretion advised.

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Roblox King Legacy In A Nutshell V3 – Tank Fish – Fish Tank

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Roblox- King Legacy:
Roblox One Piece RPG similar to Blox Fruits.

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  1. Tank Fish says:

    Subscribe, like and comment E or I will make you play Blox Fruits a third time.

  2. Tank Fish says:


  3. Just Your Regular Fire says:

    I cried when Quake Woman yelled “THE KING LEGACY IS REAL!!!!!!!” and Quaked all over the War Island, truly one of the King Legacy moments of all time.

  4. Evan_the_Cheeto13 says:

    This gives me flashbacks back to the days of Blox Fru- Wait a second….

  5. StarSilverInfinity says:

    The ultimate strategy to beating Kings Legacy is to not play it at all

  6. Quan Pham says:

    the fruit system makes winning a royal flush in blackjack look like an everyday occurence

  7. ⭕️Free Robux On My Profile says:

    I would love to see a Verdant Moon vid by Tank Fish it would be so funny

  8. Average Ethan says:

    This truly was a Kings Legacy.

  9. Amogusus69 says:

    We need to get this guy to 1 mil

  10. Ginger Lyle says:

    as a kings legacy player i confirm what he says is true

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