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  1. The Box Quiz says:

    ⭐Adopt Me just Tweeted this:
    We’re working on ways to stop players from losing their login streaks while Roblox is down, we’ll let you know more details when we can!

  2. Diamond Bear says:

    Glad I’m not the only one going through this. We’re all in this together

  3. Yvonne Crook says:

    It could be the Chipotle event, as thousands are trying to redeem something

    It could also be a ddos or whatever attack because yes

  4. Olga says:

    Omg yesterday when I was playing we couldn’t chat in adopt me, so instead we used the writing board thingy in the school. There were literally only 2 other ppl on the server, and they were so nice! We played for about 15 more minutes until it kicked us out T~T

    • LostNarrator says:

      I was playing warrior cats yesterday, then all of a sudden the chats were lagging but then they got fixed, but a third time it crashed the game. And so this is where it begins for everyone

    • CupOf._.Coffee says:

      @LostNarrator I love warrior cats too! Lol

    • Avas at it again! says:

      same l was playing adopt me and l was really really really really really oh sorry not thattt really confused why is it not working like l was glitching and like 15 mins later it just said server closing for an update and then after l left the server it went strat to log in so l tryd and tryd but it just said something went wrong pls try again later so yay l had a neon giraffe and so l unistalld Roblox just bc l fot it would let me make a new account but it didn’t so l lost my neon giraffe and it was ready for a mega but then l went to Google and l searched why does Roblox not let you play and l was so mad bc before l made a new account l should of loked why before l made the new account now l will never have my neon giraffe again:( crys

    • Conner Galles says:

      @Avas at it again! play a better game

    • Avas at it again! says:

      Yo do not tell me what to play

  5. Sandi Nor Cal Momma 1978 on tiktok says:

    My son is losing his mind over this. He’s ten. Games are his life. Come on Roblox, tired of hearing about it! I can’t log in mom!

    • Sandi Nor Cal Momma 1978 on tiktok says:

      @hypnotized thank you. We all played games as kids too. I played Nintendo. Anyone remember Duck hunt? Not sure how it’s bad parenting. I’m a single mom, I work two jobs and do social media work as well as sell on ebay. This is what my boys like to do after school and on weekends. My boys also socialize, they have lots of friends in our neighborhood and we spend a lot of time at the bmx track.

    • X x Roblox Girl x X says:

      It’s not therw fault you should not blame everything on them it’s not nice

    • hypnotized says:

      @Sandi Nor Cal Momma 1978 on tiktok of course it is ridiculous for some person on the internet to judge your parenting skills just cause your kid is sad about possibly his favorite game not working im personally a kid myself but it just doesnt really feel good for someone to say youre a bad parent cause of something that you cannot control

    • Conner Galles says:

      @Sandi Nor Cal Momma 1978 on tiktok Ok so one thing to be sure, Roblox can become an addiction and harm a persons mental state in the future when they grow up, by playing bad games, like roblox, cod, or any multiplayer game. I am sorry that they do not have a father figure but you should consider buying a Nintendo 64 or a switch and get some older games. They are all singleplayer and harder but they will make your kids feel nostalgia.

    • olivia mccoy says:

      Same it happend to me it wouldnt let me log in-

  6. Mochi Cat says:

    Im so glad this isn’t just for me it’s for everyone, since I’m on mobile it just logged me out. It gave me a heart attack!

    • Ksunya Life says:

      I thought I got banned for nothing but I saw videos that say roblox down and I’m happy that I’m not the only one with this problem and yesterday I played roblox and I got kicked out and logged out I’m going to come back to Roblox after a week and my name is bananakukunya in roblox you can add me when ever thing will be back

    • Ksunya Life says:

      And I found a new cool game called anime fight

    • Ksunya Life says:

      Tomorrow at school I will tell all my friends about this roblox down so they will be safe and they will not login roblox

    • Roselle Avendano says:

      Bro same I even had to change my password

    • Life With jazzy says:


  7. ?ɪᴋʀᴀɴꜰᴜʀʏꜰʟᴇᴜʀʏ¿ says:

    Over the years i’ve played ROBLOX i’ve never seen this before and rn i am currently getting a picture with the words “We’re making things more awesome. Be back soon.”

  8. Hello I'm sus. says:

    I’m in high-school rn, and my two friends are litterally freaking out! They have been talking about this all day! But I was also very worried about all my progress, like adopt me, bloxburg, and murder mystery! Thanks to this video, I know everything is ok.

  9. Be Yourself says:

    I’m very patient with that, but it also sucks if you have friends on that game..

    I will pray for it to come back!

  10. radanju3 says:

    This is the longest outage I’ve ever seen for ROBLOX history. This is actually crazy considering how popular this site is for 2021 compared to the olden times with less players.

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