Roblox finally RESPONDS to WHY it went DOWN for.. (Roblox Down)

Roblox finally RESPONDS to WHY it went DOWN for.. (Roblox Down)

Answer please! Roblox finally gives us some information on why they are down. Find out in this video ✨ Leave a LIKE and COMMENT ✨

Some people are reporting issues playing Roblox. Roblox is down for the longest in recent memory and you would want to hear what they have to say. Also Badimo has many things to say on this situation.

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Everything is not working right
Looks like something is not working right
Roblox Down
Jailbreak Down
Roblox Responds
Badimo Responds
Asimo Responds

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38 Responses

  1. pupperpoof says:

    i can now legally call this roblox’s spookiest october

  2. Ozar says:

    I got so worried thinking all of my money and my grinding would just go to waste. Thanks dude I’m a lot more calmer 🙂

  3. Pincushion - says:

    I thank the devs for working on it, and thank you for making this, I hope it will be back soon.

  4. Rachel Foulds says:

    The only bad part about this was that it happened on a weekend when people actually have time to play

  5. rottxncheese says:

    OMG TYSM I was so scared I lost my hard work on multiple games I’m calmer now 🙂

  6. RinKagamine_Playz says:

    Imagine this happened on April Fools’ Day instead… imagine how confused we’d be to see that Roblox was still down

  7. Jokealan VR says:

    The reason why people speculated that adopt me did all of this, is because the last time everything went down it was due to a adopt me update where 1.2+ million players joined.

    • Jasan says:

      1.2m people + potato servers

    • Sabrina And Sofia Buddies says:

      No, 900k joined, and all in all, that’s not it. The burrito thing mostly started it, more then millions of people joined trying to get the burritos

    • Jokealan VR says:

      @Sabrina And Sofia Buddies I never said that adopt me did it today I said LAST time it happened.

    • PhilAlmighty says:

      @Sabrina And Sofia Buddies Nothing to do with Chipotle either, did you even watch the video or read the roblox Twitter? Don’t spread false bs

    • Red Haired Shanks says:

      @Sabrina And Sofia Buddies it had nothing to do with the chipotle event, nothing to do with adopt me, and nothing to do with a DDOS attack. Apparently roblox had a issue with one the data centers and are fixing them up.

  8. Ava no one says:

    It’s sad it’s happening during Halloween cause’ that’s when a lot of games drop big updates, thank you Roblox for trying your best to work it out!!! 🙂

  9. WarMcNoob says:

    I love how the engineers have been working for 2 days on Halloween weekend to try and fix a game with an ungrateful community. This Theory has been debunked by the way.

  10. Ishaan Patel says:

    The thing is, chipotle didn’t do everything but everybody is mad at chipotle for being nice xD.

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