Rock Paper Scissors against your Child

Rock Paper Scissors against your Child

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  1. SurfRaichu says:

    I love his content so much, not only does he make funny skits, has good acting but his videos are just super wholesome and always put a smile on my face.

  2. Tommy Tsai says:

    The kid could have just threatened him to buy stuff with the secret he knew. Instead he challenged him in a psycho game just to give him false hope and crush his soul completely.

  3. Rich Black Guy says:

    Follow me on IG 🙏🏾😊 @richblackguy

  4. 1 Hour a Day says:

    These are always, in my opinion, the most original, best acted, and funniest skits I’ve seen on YouTube since Smosh (jk)🤔Even the kid is astounding, I’m certain he’s going to be a big actor one day

  5. DavzTv says:

    I’ve realised that work Rich Black Guy has put into his videos are immaculate he understands his Fans/Supporters and ignores the hate Im really inspired by him and hope to be like him someday I enjoy your content keep up the good work…❤️

  6. Tesla Gasoline says:

    This is literally the best loop I’ve ever seen, straight up the smoothest one I’ve witnessed

  7. Colin Oniel says:

    The father’s skit are so creative n funny, it’s even more with his son. Careful dad, that’s your replacement sitting before you.

  8. Soul says:

    The perfect loop doesn’t exi-

    Rich black guy: shut-

  9. Jade Kun★ヤマト says:

    If Netflix Deathnote just hired this guy maybe he’ll carry the francise

  10. 쀵쀵귀염이 says:

    his kid seriously is as good as acting as him, it’s astonishing, y’all can really get into the acting/voice acting industry and I love the kid’s evil smirks haha how’s the new Xbox?

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