Rockets trade Chris Paul for Russell Westbrook – Nick & Cris react | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

Rockets trade Chris Paul for Russell Westbrook – Nick & Cris react | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

The Houston Rockets have agreed on a deal to acquire Russell Westbrook from the OKC Thunder, at the cost of Chris Paul and draft picks. Nick Wright and Cris Carter discuss whether this trade makes the Rockets instant title contenders.

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Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe team up on First Things First, a discussion and opinion-based studio program that covers all the headlines weekdays on FS1.

Rockets trade Chris Paul for Russell Westbrook – Nick & Cris react | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright

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71 Responses

  1. First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright says:

    Are the Rockets better or worse after trading Chris Paul for Russell Westbrook?

    • Larryz World says:


    • Doctor Cthulhu says:

      Lordy Jackson The problem with both their usage rates, is that it made them each MVP contenders.
      Russ with his ability to average a triple-double (but cheat on defence for rebounds, by not closing out on outside shooters. as he was dead last for guards, and middle of the pack for +7’ players)
      Harden with his scoring which put him in the same conversation as MJ (scoring-wise) and got him top 5 in MVP voting for the past 4 years.

      That’s what the team will be asking them each to give up, major parts of their legacies, for just an outside shot at finally winning a ring. As LeBron and AD, AND, Kahwi and PG13 are the prohibitive favourites to win it all this season, and they will have to go through at least one of them to get to the finals.
      I’m worried if they don’t have immediate post-season success(a WCF appearance at minimum), they will fall apart faster than Draymond and KD this year.

      As for DWade, he was literally teaming up with the undisputed best player in the league at the time, and he had personally invited him and bosh to come and play in his house. DWade also knew he was on the downward leg of his career by that point, so sacrificing usage was easy to a more athletic and talented, team-first kind of player.
      He had no questions it was Solely about Rings and not stat chasing for LeBron, and that makes sacrificing a ton easier; knowing the other guy is about everything you are chasing too.

    • Michael Sherron says:

      Houston Rockets’ window to get to the Finals was wide open in 2018, it’s closed now.

    • Juan Polla Larga Stamosa says:

      The real debate is which duo is better? Harden-Westbrook or Klay-Steph. I’ll take Harden-Westbrook

  2. Drip A Fool says:

    Guess we’ll have to wait for the season??‍♂️

  3. Brandon Lee says:

    Russ defensive numbers last year we great

    • Arthur.Grant_Agnebid says:

      Brandon Lee exactly people love ignoring how he was one of the top ranked defending point guards and averaged 2 steals

    • Coach Miller says:

      He was definitely much improved on the defensive end however, he was not great. A lot of his numbers defensively are because he plays with other great and really good defensive players. He was definitely a lot better last year though.

  4. Tom Chamberlain says:

    Since Durant left OKC, Westbrook has played 81, 80 & 73 lol 5:58

  5. Cooper Crowley says:

    I’m not gonna lie, the more I watch this show.. the more I realize CC doesn’t really know much about basketball. Still a big fan of the show, it’s a daily part of my morning at work while I drink coffee and wake up.

  6. j0epark1 says:

    Say what you want about D’Antoni, but he’s the best coach Westbrook has ever had. He should elevate his game, especially in the 4th quarter

  7. Daniel Bamigbade says:

    Its gonna look weirddd seeing Russ in a red jersey

  8. Randy Lehey says:

    lol chris carter putting himself on jerry rice’s level

  9. roberto pacheco says:

    Cris Carter you played with prime moss and i think yall went 15-1 before your kicker choked and Russ averages over 10 boards a game so the trade does help with rebounds

  10. snake man says:

    James Harden said get this slow moving big mouth clown out of hoston

  11. Michael Anderson says:

    Chris Carter would be taking a backseat to Jerry Rice we all know that ??

    • Harlem World says:


    • extrafreshhh says:

      Michael Anderson jerry is the goat, but remember being the goat is as much about talent as it is, how you were raised, how you started, what year you played in, who your teammates were, how was your medical issues, there’s so much that goes into it. I’ll be switch jerry rice with Chris carter in eras and teammates chris carter be the goat… Montana and Steve Young vs smorgasbord of Minnesota QBs…

    • Tony Borum says:

      He’s acting like he didn’t have to take a backseat to Randy in Minnesota.

    • E.J. Dortch says:

      Michael Anderson this fool CC is acting like he didn’t play with Moss. And all the points he made go to show why this would be a GREAT fit for Russ and stop Harden from playing ugly b-ball all the time

  12. Giannis Ioannidis says:

    In the summer of 2017 people were questioning Harden’s fit with Paul. The Rockets won 64 games in 2018 and were one injury away from a Finals berth.

    • Vee Bell says:

      I think they will make it work

    • DcDayIII says:

      The question of “will it work?” Is just something to talk about. Morey would not have made this move if he didn’t think it would work. James and Russell are longtime friends. They will make it work. Russell was more wild when Harden was in OKC and it worked. Now both are older and wiser. They can share the ball. Both might avg double digit assists. Lol You know what I’m saying? This move opens up the floor for both guys.

    • STATS DONT LIE says:

      @Vee Bell like him P.George and MELO did ahahha

    • Vee Bell says:

      @STATS DONT LIE yup just like he did last year with Paul George when PG had the best year of his career ?

    • Chris Beach says:

      More like 27 straight missed 3s in a row from a finals berth

  13. King Richawd says:

    I predict this will be Russ most efficient season. He’s surrounded by shooters so the lane will be open, and he should get higher percentage shots

    • Slurry McMurry says:

      holymsophy Rewatch the 2016 WCF. Russell shot 50% from three the first game, he shot over 45% from the field multiple times, and he averaged over 11 assists. His stats only went down because he tried to carry the team in the last game when Durant didn’t play great. That’s what he could be if he doesn’t have to carry the team like the last few years.

    • holymsophy says:

      @Slurry McMurry bruh that was 3 yrs ago. How is it relevant now? What’s his statistical trend? I believe it’s been going down. But feel free to refresh my memory, since next season is 2017

    • Slurry McMurry says:

      holymsophy Like I said, he didn’t have to carry the team by shooting. When Durant left, Russ was the only star left. PG was never healthy in the playoffs, and when he was on his MVP streak, Russ started to shoot better. When PG was hurt, he had to score 30-40 for the Thunder to win, and since he didn’t have a second star, they could basically just focus on him. Since he will have another superstar and better role players around him, he has the potential to shoot better than he has been.

  14. J.C. U later says:

    So westbrook has no D now? Sure he was lapses but he lead da league in defensive rating last year for most the season til pg got hurt and still finished top 10… 2nd in steals…

  15. Oscar Arredondo says:

    Just unloading that Chris Paul contract is win for Houston

    • Doctor Cthulhu says:

      Oscar Arredondo They didn’t unload the contract, they traded it for a longer contract, but a player that Harden wanted to play with.

      Just watch CP3 go the next 3 seasons without an injury, and flourish in OKC, by not playing beside the guy who Lead the League in usage at 40%.
      Plus the rest of OKC flourish, as they go from #2 WestBrook(33%), to #20 CP3 who has no other dream that climbing up the all-time Assists lists, so he will be extra happy to pass this year and let other guys shine on offence.

    • Doctor Cthulhu says:

      Oscar Arredondo plus. Harden and Westbrook were #1 and 2 for least amount of points from cuts to the basket. Meaning if they didn’t have the ball in their hands, they just weren’t that interested in playing offence. Or going along with any of the offensive plays. That’s going to have to change drastically, if Houston is going to have abcjance at winning the title.

    • Neb Andro says:


    • Juan Polla Larga Stamosa says:

      Westbrook’s defense is way better than Harden’s

  16. Austin316 says:

    CP3 contract is top 3 worst contracts of all time.

  17. RonnieJayPlays says:

    Westbrook & Harden gonna be the first teammates ever to do a jump ball

  18. Schnäcken Kop says:

    D’Antoni: Are you sure we can’t use a second ball?
    Adam Silver: Yes Mike. Very sure. Just like last time you called.

  19. DjRone says:

    All this is to me is…

    Chris Paul = smaller risk, smaller reward
    Russell Westbrook = bigger risk, bigger reward

    • dncarlo24 says:

      Have you seen Chris Paul’s bloated contract… That guy’s career is over brother… He ain’t winning any chip.

  20. Delton Coakley says:

    Westbrook is wayyy better then CP3! Great move!?

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