ROCKETS vs WARRIORS | Kevin Durant Continues Strong Play in First Match-Up Against Houston | Game 1

ROCKETS vs WARRIORS | Kevin Durant Continues Strong Play in First Match-Up Against Houston | Game 1

James Harden missed a potential game-tying three-pointer with 9.1 seconds remaining in the game, as the Warriors defeated the Rockets 104-100 in Game 1 of this best-of-7 series. Kevin Durant led the Warriors with 35 points (11-25 FG), 5 rebounds and 3 assists, propelling the Warriors to a 1-0 series lead.

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77 Responses

  1. Zuhayb Abshir2001 says:

    Let’s see how entertaining this series will be folks ?

  2. Too Easy says:

    9 for 28 ? Damn it’s only game 1 I thought that would be for game 5 or 6??

  3. james aquino says:

    Someone please edit all the times this guy Harden fell down lol

    • guiliano says:

      Y’all don’t see when Gsw cheats but y’all do agree About Harden Travels sometimes Harden Ball Hogs but He still gets it by himself why if he got the Step back And make Buckets Hate to say this but is something that Nobody from the Rockets can do that’s probly why they don’t complain on him on Not passing ??

    • Felicia Walker says:

      +guiliano wawawawawa!

    • Arch Stanton says:

      “this guy Harden” lmfao

    • Robert Ramirez says:

      +guiliano like when Curry made Harden step out of bounds with 1min left in the game????

    • guiliano says:

      +Robert Ramirez Curry look like a little guy playing ball with hes Dad it wasnt even Curry who pushed him it was Harden himself tryin to do the step back no way! Curry would of push him lol Curry look like he was in front playing ball with one of the Charaters from Space Jam lmfaoo

  4. Eddy Dyno says:

    Everyone out here complaining about the Refs. This ain’t the regular season y’all.. live by the flop, die by the flop.

    • Lil BRAZY KHY says:

      +ParanoiaHades86 oh well lmfao

    • Ryan Scott says:

      Eddy did you even watch this game or just slide in the highlights and defend “your team”. (Quotes because you probably been a warrior fan for 5 years tops.)

    • Dylan Boyle says:

      Some of yall are so fucking stupid it hurts to read the garbage yall write. Harden is a flop beast. Curry is too. They’re still monsters. Warriors in 5

    • veazy v says:

      The “shooter’s space” rule was created because of GSW…

    • Keith Plummer says:

      Bullshit those were legitimate fouls even the refs knew they fucked up. It wasn’t a fair game at all

  5. Manshell Ramos says:

    Daaamm, all this Harden fans are so used to the foul calls.

    • Chris Gee says:

      The boy who cried foul

    • Peter Arce says:

      Those aren’t fouls. the defender is doing his job by going straight up to contest a shot but the shooter is landing and launching his legs at the defender you just can’t blame the defender and call a foul if he’s playing clean the shooter is landing in the defenders space he isn’t going straight up and down like a normal shot. He’s just looking for the foul when there isn’t even one to begin with. He should focus more on getting the shot to go on instead of the foul call.

    • Felicia Walker says:

      +veazy v … whatever!

    • Felicia Walker says:

      +Angel Carmona okay you’re right; the Rockets went to the charity stripe 29 times and the Warriors had 20 turnovers; explain to me again how the referees won the game for the Warriors!

    • Brian Chapman says:

      +Big money tom If he kept his feet underneath him instead of trying to strategically place them under a defender to draw a bs foul maybe more of his 3’s would fall.

  6. demond word says:

    Rockets Coach…shoot 3s from wherever u catch it while flopping an ninja kick whoever guarding you to get the foul

  7. jay dubbs says:

    Stop pushing off Harden ????

  8. zero says:

    max kellerman: if harden hits all his shots, the rockets will win.
    anyone with common sense: if the knicks hit all their shots they would be in the finals

  9. D c713 says:

    Don’t feel sorry for the rockets even though the calls were bad…live by the ref die by the ref

    • Emmanuel K-ci says:

      I saw Harden kick the defender on his way down after shooting a three. Is it a bad call not to call a foul in his favor?

  10. Randy Smith says:

    You can’t jump into a person, there is no way to guard a jump shot straight up. And the rockets actually throw there body into the defender , yes u have to give a defender room also .

    • D GAMER says:

      They need to make it offensive foul for doing that, it’s for players safety lol.

    • knudsenbrady says:

      Not a fan of either team but when you shoot a jump shot, you usually jump forward a little bit so the defender has to jump to the side of you to give you room to land. I’m surprised Harden didn’t sprain an ankle on some of these shots.

    • Randy Smith says:

      +Nick Nickels no stfu yes he jumps into people that’s what he does. Its known that’s how he scores.

    • Felicia Walker says:

      +Noah Sylvers wawawawawawawawawa!

  11. Luis Bustos says:

    Durant has mastered the Dirk fade away

  12. Lyle Stavast says:

    The big issue wasn’t the harden flopping, it was GSW making so many stupid TOs on dumb passes. Amazing how many there were – I think both teams had 1st game jitters pretty badly … only rarely did things look smooth and characteristic of their regular season style of play.

  13. Matthew Salazar says:

    Harden should try out for WWE with those dropkicks

    • Alec Lapierre says:

      +ParanoiaHades86 you’re an idiot lmao

    • veazy v says:

      The “shooter’s space” rule was created because of GSW…??

    • Felicia Walker says:

      +ParanoiaHades86 coulda, shoulda, DIDN’T. Again, the Rockettes went to the line 29 times, GSW had 20 turnovers, seems to me all the Rockettes had to do was turn some of those turnovers into points and make more of their free throws. When the Rockettes lose it is always because what someone else did or because a ‘key’ player is hurt.

    • Felicia Walker says:

      +ParanoiaHades86 wawawawawawawa and a boo hoo to go with it; as far as your ‘banwagon’ dig goes, it’s band wagon, stop whining and get the hell over it!

    • ParanoiaHades86 says:

      +Felicia Walker wow someone salty lol

  14. iii says:

    Harden gets away with so much BS during the regular season he just gets confused when refs don’t give him points in the postseason

    • Dig Bick says:

      Stop hating bruh, you know some of the shots Harden took we’re fouls that weren’t called

    • JAY YARDEE says:

      Dig Bick naw he was flopping all game stop it

    • Dig Bick says:

      +JAY YARDEE If you ever played basketball you would know if the defenders jumps towards the shooters landing area it’s a foul ??‍♂️

    • J H says:

      +Dig Bick except that he manipulates it by practically planking in mid air and throwing his feet forward so that it’s impossible to not touch him. Don’t really care who wins the series, but I can’t deny, Harden’s a grade a bitch player

  15. BrokenQT says:

    glad they aint calling all these flops no more jesus, dude ends up on the ground after every 3

  16. Nathan Desomber says:

    Harden flops more than a fish out of water

  17. Thr33 Wise Men Me Myself & I says:

    Family Feud: Name something that flops

    Top Answer: James Harden

  18. Fredrick Miller says:

    Harden kicks his legs so far out he falls down every other time he shoots a 3 trying to draw the foul. I think those should be technical fouls for flopping. He’s trying to manipulate the officials 8-10 times a game.

  19. Lance Rodrigue says:

    Good job Refs. James Harden was looking to get fouled rather than looking to making the shot. He kicks his leg forward and make contact with the defender who was not at all trying to make contact with him.

  20. Peter Davis says:

    It’s not as if Durant was not fouled by Chris Paul on that steal that led to Harden’s 3 point attempt. Then Harden is going to cry foul on flopping/falling into Green?.. it’s incidental contact at best. Seems like the refs called a fair game to me!

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