ROCKETS vs WARRIORS | Team Effort Lifts Dubs | Game 2

ROCKETS vs WARRIORS | Team Effort Lifts Dubs | Game 2

All five of the Golden State Warriors’ starters scored 15+ points en route to a 115-109 victory over the Houston Rockets. With the win, the Warriors now hold a 2-0 lead in this best-of-7 series. Kevin Durant led the Warriors with 29 points (9-22 FG, 3-6 3pt FG), to go with 5 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 blocks, while Klay Thompson added 21 points (8-18 FG, 3-9 3pt FG), 5 rebounds and 3 steals in the victory. James Harden led the Rockets with 29 points (9-19 FG, 3-7 3pt FG), alongside 7 rebounds and 4 assists, while Chris Paul tallied 18 points (6-14 FG), 7 rebounds, 6 assists and 3 steals in the losing effort. The Warriors led by as many as 15 points, while not trailing at any point in the game. Game 3 of this series is set to take place at Toyota Center in Houston on Saturday, May 4th at 8:30 pm ET on ABC.

GAME 3: ?: Warriors vs. Rockets ?: May 4, 8:30pm/et ?: ABC

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76 Responses

  1. Adam Alkhafaji says:

    Officiating was solid today ??

    • Jason Peng says:

      Not at all. In the fourth quarter the refs pretty much threw the game at the rockets, giving them like 10 possessions in a row on wrong calls or iffy foul calls. Rockets still failed to capitalize.

    • Adam Alkhafaji says:

      @Jason Peng the warriors were playing sloppy towards the end of the fourth and fouled unnecessarily we can agree to disagree those calls should have been called and would be called at any other point in the game plus the outcome didn’t change

    • Q Ravioli says:

      I agree. The officiating was actually on point today. The ticky tack fouls annoyed me, but they were consistent with them on both sides, and their calls werent swinging huge momentum shifts. Cant believe Im saying it but credit to Scott Foster and crew for doing a ……..good job?? Ugh. Please excuse me while I go vomit

    • Charlie Tian says:

      +Adam Alkhafaji both games were even

    • CREED 16 says:

      Adam Alkhafaji game one was even on foul calls but the fouls were weak. Both sides had uncalled fouls. The rockets relied on flopping to win but it didn’t work?

  2. Show Out says:

    Harden getting a fair chance at vacation beginning on Monday

  3. kim nguyen says:

    I’m like “Did Curry actually make that half court with one hand?!” I am pretty sure he made that.

  4. the1kamíkaze says:

    *Rockets were too focused on Scott Foster.* just play your game and stop worrying about the officials.

    • the1kamíkaze says:

      +Young Flash *making up for the missed calls in game 1.* that’s today’s NBA.

    • Young Flash says:

      +the1kamíkaze I know, Everybody knew the Refs were going to side the rockets. I didn’t expect the Refs to be handing out right and left free da throws for the rockets in the 4th tho.

    • globalicon2012 says:

      Pussy durant has zero competition in a weak conference

    • AceGunTaNa says:

      globalicon2012 you still got kd balls on your chin

    • Booty Bandit says:

      globalicon2012 i don’t think you know anything about the NBA

  5. Chicago773 Williams says:

    The marathon continues go dubs ??

  6. 10000 subs with no vids says:

    No excuses for the Rockets this game, although Harden’s eyes may have caused more problems than Curry’s finger. However, Harden hasn’t been shooting very well from the field all this postseason, so I’m not very inclined to give him a pass

  7. Edgar J. says:

    Warriors should audit the refs, saying they got 500 plays correct

  8. Charles T. says:

    Who Harden and CP3 gonna blame for this loss?

  9. LIL ZOE says:

    That announcer needs a raise lol

  10. Charles T. says:

    GS can kill you in 20 different ways… Houston’s just has harden and CP3 with his overpriced hamstring ????

  11. Lashaw Love says:

    Kev shot is just pure man ??

  12. California Condor says:

    How could anyone expect to win championship with that many turnovers? Man ,I miss the 2004 Detroit Pistons, defense.

  13. Ramses Stafford says:

    Well, the Rockets and D’antoni said run it back, well they ran it back.

  14. Jason Gilmore says:

    As if they didn’t already have enough fire power and now Andre Iguodala has turned back the clock. Damn!

    • Javier Sánchez says:

      Some things just ain’t fair. Iggy was beast back in his prime with the 76ers

    • Jela Good says:

      He always go stupid in the playoffs though lately

    • Steven Lengenfelder says:

      I think now that he’s a little older…he purposefully saves his all for the playoffs. I mean…from hos finals mvp year to every other year, he turns it up for the playoffs. Man is a beast.

    • Jason Gilmore says:

      Steven Lengenfelder yup, he’s the new Robert horry in the playoffs.
      Plus if you got Gregg Popovich and RC Buford flying out to meet u at midnight in july To try to sign you, you know you’re special

  15. Rashad Davis says:

    Draymond is balling out of his mind all around
    It’s like he a whole different person in these playoffs

    • chronicles7382984 says:

      momo penguins I secretly think Curry is injured. He’s just not playing his normal self. I mean yeah he did dislocate his finger in this game. But I mean his serious past injury like his ongoing ankle problems. Of course we won’t officially hear about it until it is brought up by media or something since Curry is too humble to admit things like this himself.

    • Avner Chaim says:

      Curry always gets all the attention in playoffs that’s why so many other people are open. Curry in the floor changes the whole defense.

    • momo penguins says:

      very possible

    • Isaac Martinez says:

      Imagine what they’ll look like when the sleepy giant Steph wakes up

    • Ben2bwild says:

      +chronicles7382984 he’s not injured. The game plan for other teams is to stop or trap Curry. Teams are fine with KD getting his 1 on 1 and playing iso ball since he mostly shoots midrange. Teams know they have no chance if they let Curry go off

  16. LavishShawn says:

    The problem with the rockets is they are trying to beat the warriors at their own game at the oracle

  17. SharkNcity408 says:

    james harden vs warriors…but theres no i in rockets…there is an “i” in warriors and win…

  18. Heyy Jugg says:

    Even the warriors players off the bench get buckets ?

  19. Robert M says:

    KD is a freaking monster among boys out there

    • TheTorres39 says:

      Isaac Martinez I didn’t fail English I’m a Nurse hope I see you in the ER all in your feelings about a game you don’t even play . In your own words you said the comments don’t matter but you keep talking ????????

    • Isaac Martinez says:

      +TheTorres39 and I hope that when the zombie apocalypse comes about you just so Happen to be on call that day.

    • TheTorres39 says:

      Isaac Martinez ?????? I have a license to carry so I’ll be good , you made my day I needed to laugh today .

    • Isaac Martinez says:

      +TheTorres39 me too! Although it’s a bit more risky out here in California to have a firearm on me. I was never trying to be malicious. Too much of that bullshit goes around in these comment sections. It is just sports after all

    • Jaime Palomino says:

      Exactly why he needed to join the best team.

  20. KrxspyJay YT says:

    Kd pull up jumper is unguardable??

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