Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree – Pentatonix (From Pentatonix: A Not So Silent Night)

Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree – Pentatonix (From Pentatonix: A Not So Silent Night)



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65 Responses

  1. PTXofficial says:

    SURPRISE! With just TWO DAYS until our NEW Christmas special ‘Pentatonix: A Not So Silent Night’, we wanted to give you an EXCLUSIVE LOOK of our “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree” performance before it airs THIS MONDAY! ?? Tune-in to #PTXANotSoSilentNight on December 10th at 10/9c on NBC!

  2. Demi Ehlen says:

    Omg we love an early queen

  3. Skylar Is A Turtle says:

    Omg u guys are my favorite singers I’m not even joking

  4. yeeboi :D says:

    suite life of Zack and Cody vibes

  5. True Awkwardness says:

    I love how upbeat this is! Great job!

  6. Breelynn Myers says:

    I’M EARLY but I doubt you guys would notice me. Edit:omg Kevin’s trumpet solo and low voice I love him!

  7. Edward Sanchez Productions says:

    I am so looking forward to watching the Christmas special

  8. Duckie Muck says:

    The first dislike was from the Grinch

  9. Lovely Unicorn Life says:

    All I want for Christmas is Pentatonix

  10. Phoebe Grigor says:

    As an international fan who won’t be able to see the whole show, thank you thank you thank you!

    • Ryley says:

      +Romanus Dhani Oh I do, this has happened to me. I live in a different country and didnt have access to a show or an episode or whatever because of it and it wasnt available on the internet here. And of it was there were charges involved or it was blocked. So I don’t think you know how the internet works either

    • Jermaine Pineda says:

      Same im from philippines

    • Bhagya Sudi says:

      Hi there. I am from INDIA. I have so many companions here who cannot see them but love them.

    • Phoebe Grigor says:

      jmsrh _ it’s actually surprisingly hard to find things like this online sometimes and even if I do find it, I’m still allowed to be appreciative that they’ve uploaded this song from it ??

    • Rejoice Kanyongo says:

      Will they ever come to South Africa ?

  11. Charlie Batt says:

    You guys are so good my school plays you guys at my music class every day I want to be just like you guys ??

  12. chelsea says:

    matt and kevin have such a great friendship(and choreo?)!

  13. B&B Project says:

    You create Christmas in my life!??

  14. K. Actis says:

    I’m only sad they use a chair versus Kirstie’s scooter. ?

    • Emily Beato says:

      Karen Iversen Im pretty sure her ankle was broken when they recorded the Xmas special, which is probably why she was on the chair.

    • winterprism says:

      Hmm, I thought maybe she was pregnant and trying to hide it for the time being. I’ve noticed in the last few vids they’ve really masked or avoided her atomach. Also seems like just some changes to her face. I originally thought plastic surgery, especially in one of them (can’t remember which song rn). Anyways, sorry she broke her ankle but it’d be kind of cool to have a tiny new PTX family member!

    • K. Actis says:

      winterprism 100% not pregnant. She has been open about her broken ankle.

    • Mia says:

      I was fully expecting her to use it to speed around the tree at like 50 mph

    • Kayla Myers says:

      Mia I’m dying that would have been amazing ???

  15. Chloe Roux says:


  16. BAKSOMAGNITcom says:

    офигенный клипач вышел!

  17. Paris May says:

    Legend has it, Pentatonix sings to you when you go to heaven

  18. Ahiku says:

    Why are so many Grinches disliking this? (>_<)

  19. FB1 Response Videos says:

    i love how natural and kinda goofy the energy is in the video. i felt like i was watching a PTXperience vid ahaha ❤️

  20. Fabio Vaz says:

    You can say whatever you want about missing Avi, he was unique… But Matt matches with Kevin soooo well, its incredible!

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