Rod Wave – Already Won ft Lil Durk (Official Video)

Rod Wave – Already Won ft Lil Durk (Official Video)

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Director: Henry DaCosta @__henrydacosta__
Production: Reel Goats @reelgoats
Executive producer: James Rico @ricodidit
Line Producer: Shaq Gonzoe @shaqgonzoe
Producer: Ken Jackson @kenjaxson
DP: Zoë Simone-Yi @zoesimone.y
Production Designer: Hannah Meachin @hannahcarlene
Editor: Henry DaCosta @__henrydacosta__
VFX: Rick Lancaster @ricklancaster_ Lucas Clark @lucas.rfx
Colorist: Bryan Smaller @bryansmaller

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33 Responses

  1. Lego Ninjago DX says:

    This song is awesome. For some reason “Auntie called me said she saw on the TV screen, she’s proud of me and happy that I’m chasing dreams” always brings tears in my eyes

  2. Evan Binkley says:

    “I hold in shit that hurt me bad so you won’t think I’m weak
    I stay up late to think ’bout us, you think I’m sleep” – Praying for Durk ❤

  3. Big Dub says:

    Rod speaks straight to your soul, that’s a fact🔥🔥🔥

  4. Michael Moreno says:

    This one is the hit boy🔥🔥🔥 rod wave never miss and the fact that you can relate to all of his songs makes it even better, give this man a platinum already for this❣️

  5. Latonya Clemmer says:

    I resonated with his music so much. He’s been here before He’s so ahead of his generation:) I’ll sleep later chasing this paper I love it!

  6. Washi Kartel says:

    “I hold the shit that hurt me back so you can’t think I’m weak”
    Lil Durk legendary

  7. Uki J says:

    Rod wave is a different artist and I ain’t ever going to stop listening to him

  8. RogerMole says:

    “Sister called and said she heard me on the radio, Auntie called me and said she saw me on the tv screen”
    That feeling gotta be some next level shit ✊🏽🔥

  9. kiidgrim says:

    ever since quarantine, he’s name is up MASSIVELY. respect to him, don’t stop making music fr (take your break an all, but don’t forget the ones who started the come up) ‼️🖤 this fr hit!

  10. Jamiya Mcdonald says:

    I swear rod wave music is the only thing that keeps me strong he’s really a legend his music really changes the aspect of my life ,he’s making it far and I’m so proud of him if I could tell him how he saved me I would ! And it’s not even his music it’s his whole personality, he doesn’t tryna be something he’s not and that’s rare and that’s the main reason I love him for him he never disappoint me and he damn sure already and won I love him so much 💕💕

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