Rod Wave – Girl Of My Dreams (Official Music Video)

Rod Wave – Girl Of My Dreams (Official Music Video)

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Directed by Brett Arndt

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69 Responses

  1. Wyd Brazy says:

    “ You know I love them braces them big lips that red skin” shii a diff breed ❌🧢💯

  2. SHI gang gang says:

    “I don’t need another broken heart or a sleepless night” 🤗😍😘😂😥🤐😫😰😨😭😭😭😡😡😭😭true

  3. Paul Paul says:

    “ An I know you’re not no good for me but you look so good to me “ Rod gon change the rap game bo🤞🏿

  4. Omar Medina says:

    God , I hope we all find the right one that loves us and takes care of me whenever I feel down. I hope we find the girls of our dreams. One day

  5. Jaren Barnes says:

    I’m so glad tor wave have his own tone and different for all the other rappers

  6. Ashley Rivas says:

    Absolutely in love with this song especially when he says “can’t get her off my mind if I try my obsession “

  7. Caniyah C says:

    “it’s too much pain to be living just to die” fr though🤔🥺

  8. ATAL Family says:

    “I know ur not no good for me but you look so good to me”

  9. يعقوب محمد says:

    He like de only one dat seems to want this more than anything. like if u think tha same

  10. Camille Day says:

    When he the boy of you’re dreams but you’re not the girl of his dreams 😔. I’m really out here simpin

  11. Chrystie Cadet says:

    Here too early….all of the comments are the song’s lyrics

  12. Powerful Gecko says:

    “this comment isn’t quoting the song.” – a YouTube comment

  13. Ka'Mora McKenzie says:

    Is that his girlfriend? I’m confused but she pretty asf😍😍😍😍

  14. Mystic_ Hazzard says:

    My girlfriend broke up with me and when he said “baby hot as hell she got kicked out of heaven” I felt that 😢

  15. Real Estate Oasis says:

    This like when the pastor talkin bout yo life indirectly at church

  16. Kamori Martin says:

    Rod wave be having ppl run his song back when they hear “yea”

  17. 827Brian says:

    “girl hot as hell, she got kicked out of heaven” go crazyyy

  18. Keep it Rich Family says:

    Rod wave 🌊 out hustle everybody like if u agree # on repeat

  19. rhettluvsu o_o says:

    when he was pouring his heart out saying “Ik you’re not no good to me , but u look so good to me “ … I could really relate

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