Rod Wave – Street Runner (Official Video)

Rod Wave – Street Runner (Official Video)

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“Street Runner” Lyrics

Sorry i missed your call i was on a jet
I been so zoned out tryna figure out whats next
So scared to feel i’m calculating my every step
Gotta watch my back and keep my strap but nonetheless
I think about you when i’m gone wishing i could hold ya
Prolly home wishing someone come and love you how they posed to
And i hope you see this letter before it’s too late
Out here chasing my dream don’t get in the way
I blame my struggles and my uncles for my hustling ways
I’m way in michigan looking at real estate
Lord knows i wanna lay you down but i’m chasing cake
Can’t go back broke stay on the go that’s all that’s on my brain

She tell me fuck you i hate you then i love you
can’t blame you
She say i love but don’t trust you can’t change you
I just hope we don’t end up how they do crash and burn on the shaderoom

Streetrunner gotta stop running sometime
I’m in yo city tonight
And these lights make me feel so inspired
Going higher and higher and higher
Taking me higher
Higher and higher and Higher

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63 Responses

  1. Angell says:

    this rod wave album gonna cure everyones pain 🖤

  2. Angell says:

    who’s a real rod wave fan ?

  3. Angell says:

    this man literally talks about my past & current life situation ☹️

  4. Haarrrold says:

    Who else ready for the album 🥺😬 ?

  5. RockinWith LB says:

    “So scared to fail I’m calculating my every step”-🗣‼️


    Think I speak for everybody when I say “this was well needed”

  7. YZN Rod says:

    Rod wave defly need to make a documentary no cap cuz this shi was too good on god💯🎯

  8. LEAF DOPE says:

    Me: listening to this song
    Dad: enters the room
    Dad: pause the song
    Me: why?
    Dad: I have a bigger speaker
    Here before 1Mil

  9. OG LEE says:

    I love that Rod still be rocking polo and he rich. Shows the kids you ain’t gotta be in Louie and Gucci

  10. King Rell says:

    Don’t understand how people could dislike this man

    • Khalief Brown says:

      They got hate in their hearts

    • ryanjadens24 says:


    • Rauda 10 says:

      Repent and obey Jesus, No hypocrites will enter the kingdom of God!! You can’t say you love Jesus and live in willful sin that’s playing the hypocrite and You will go to hell if you don’t repent and start obeying Jesus. Jesus says that most people go to hell!! Why? Because they believe they love Jesus but their lifestyle doesn’t show that they love Jesus!!🙌🏼

    • Lonzo Pills says:

      I think after awhile it gets a little repetitive for some, but it’s good tho

  11. james warner says:

    ROD WAVE’S life is like a movie and I’m glad we all can join him on his journey🙏🏽.

  12. Sion Jxy says:

    To those people that need to hear this: Hope you get better bro stop worrying about her and forget about her and worry about yourself and fix what you need to about yourself, bros over hoes

  13. MaTricks CFW says:

    this album bout to have everyone and their mama in their feeling.

  14. Dunlap Tiffany says:

    “Love you, don’t trust you, can’t change you, just hope we don’t end how they do” 🔥

  15. Catty XL says:

    Rod is on his own league man Such a talented artist

  16. Dxpe lee says:

    Rod wave:”loving you is my greatest sin”
    Toxic relationships: “big facts”

  17. AngryReactions says:


  18. OG Nia says:

    “I just hope we don’t end how they do crash and burn on the shaderoom” 🥴damn the fact that all celebrities buisness is posted on there is crazy…they have privacy too….

  19. Sophia Lex says:

    When he said “She tell me fuck you I hate you , Then I love you, can’t blame youu, she said I love you , but don’t trust you can’t change you, I just hope we don’t end how they do” I felt.

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