Roddy Ricch, Comethazine and Tierra Whack’s 2019 XXL Freshman Cypher

Roddy Ricch, Comethazine and Tierra Whack’s 2019 XXL Freshman Cypher

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Roddy Ricch, Comethazine and Tierra Whack bring the heat in their 2019 XXL Freshman cypher. DJ Scheme serves as the 2019 XXL Freshman cypher DJ.

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Video directed by @travissatten.
Beat produced by D-Fresh.

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71 Responses

  1. ᗪ丨丂几卂ㄚ. says:


  2. BigAtake1600 says:


    Literally nobody:

    Comethazine: ???

  3. Diego Mena says:

    “Make hits, May Weather On you April fools” Damn.

  4. Jaylyn FLO says:

    “I be really really really getting pissed off”
    Lol same

  5. The Arsenal says:

    Tierra Whack: My next Pet is a giraffe because im coming for necks

    Imdontai: Thats a CAPTION

  6. Manuel Duncan says:

    Comethazine is actually a psychopath and I’m alright with it

  7. Chudney Hadarah Williams says:

    tierra said stop the beat because ii’m going to ACTUALLY FREESTYLE!

  8. R30S TV says:

    Tierra Came In Like X Cutt The Beat?She Bodied it tho‼️???

  9. SwifttenLive says:

    Who had a better cypher j.i.d or Tierra?
    Like for j.i.d
    Comment for Tierra

  10. abby iglesias says:

    Sis just said “you still want to be lighter but I be shining in the dark” ??????

  11. N_ Finnese23 says:

    Comethizane is the type of guy to say happy mother’s day to his father

  12. Ben Dover says:

    An all-girls cypher wouldve been fire cause they all snapped

  13. VARNIIETM says:

    *The FBI have joined the chat*

    *Comethazine has left the chat*

  14. jr1chh says:

    why does comethazine always make that face when he freestyles ?

  15. Subscribe Please says:

    “Are you on XXL?”
    Gunna: Well yes, but actually no.

  16. Sul A says:

    Everyone talkin abt this cypher.

    But where tf is gunna

  17. Obed Yila Yila says:

    Tierra Whack: I’m a man

    Me: hol up…. what th—

    Tierra Whack: W-O at the beginning

    Me: oh I was bout to say

  18. BlocBoi Dezii says:

    Comethazine: “Black AirForce Activity”

  19. BLAQK ! says:

    Okay now we can UNSUBSCRIBE again! ??‍♂️

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