Rogan, Anik, and Cruz break down the madness that followed McGregor vs Khabib | RECAP | UFC 229

Rogan, Anik, and Cruz break down the madness that followed McGregor vs Khabib | RECAP | UFC 229

The UFC 229 commentating trio breaks down the wild end to UFC 229.

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Rogan, Anik, and Cruz break down the madness that followed McGregor vs Khabib | RECAP | UFC 229


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64 Responses

  1. UFC ON FOX says:

    What did you think about the post-fight events?

  2. george v says:

    I have been a fan of the sport ever since UFC 2 and I have to say, this was long coming. Worse things were done by Conor and he still got a visa and didn’t get punished for essentially throwing glass into another fighters eyes. Dana has to set the record straight from this point on. Send the message to the camps that their purses are gonna get held if this happens. Khabib acted like an animal. I love it! Let the eagle fly baby!!! Tony vs Khabib. Conor vs Aldo 2. Let’s make these happen!!!

  3. Bronwyn SoCal Gal says:

    Khabib had to sit through that bus incident. He had to sit through the pressers. He had to stand there during the weigh ins. All the while listening to this loud mouth, disrespectful, insulting of a person across from him carrying on like a maniac.
    Then he goes into the fight, dominates and submits that loud mouth.
    Then the loud mouth’s coach/team mate has the gall to stand up and continue to fire off insults…
    To quote Popeye, “That’s all I can stands, I can’t stands no more!”
    Take your fines Khabib, take your suspension. I for one stand with you!!!
    Someone had to shut that loud mouth up.
    Thank you!

    • DIZZZLETV says:

      Connor literally said he ” would of killed him if he came off that bus”. Khabibs actions weren’t as “disgusting” as everything connor was saying during the press run

    • Louis Graham says:

      +Caleb Hobbs I unapologically applaud him. I mean, come on, they engage in physical violence for entertainment as a job like barbarians in ancient Rome, but we somehow draw the line if it’s an unsanctioned fight where the UFC doesnt make money off of it? Please spare us your flemsey morality.

  4. Paul Aleksinko says:

    When Connor jumped in the ring and hit a ref, it was ok. When he jumped over the fence and tried to pick a fight with Aldo in front of his family, it was ok. When he threw a dolly at a bus cutting open and getting shards of glass in innocent fighters eyes and having their fights cancelled, criminality was not only ok, it was promoted. When he said unmentionable things about his Dad, religion and team including calling them terrorists, it was ok. When he made real threats and told him that the war would not be over after the fight, it was ok….. When Khabib responded to nip it on the bud, people go wild, Khabib is a human being and there is a limit to what a man can take. Connor and his camp crossed every single line of decency and unfortunately Khabib blew up

  5. KD Customs says:

    I am a McGregor fan, but I put my money on Khabib. I have watched UFC the past 15 years.. If they take that from Khabib and he can no longer fight in the UFC I will NEVER watch UFC again. The best fighter won every round, i think the 3rd round was pretty close but I still think Khabib won it….. Connor went to far talking trash about Khabib’s family, religion, and country IMO…

    • Joshpower57 says:

      +Trapinnewyork44 he was arrested an cleared, an Conor was cleared and didn’t have the title. What he did wasn’t in the ring and that’s where this gets sketchy because Paul Daley was completely removed from the UFC for his stunt and this is worse because it nearly started a riot.

    • Ryan Thomas says:

      +Primal Example Conor shouldn’t be allowed in our country for assualting a citizen, which left chiesa and Borg out of work for 6 months.

      The whole snafu ended as expected. Punish khabib and his team (that teammate who jacked Conor should be banned) should be penalized financially and conditionally that it doesnt happen again.

      Mad props to Conor, who knew he instigated the blood shed, to do the honorable thing and refuse charges.

      What’s done is done, learn from it

    • David Gamboa says:

      They said Khabib had no stand up. Absolutely dropped that fool McChicken at his own game. Conor’s “dangerous” left that everyone was talking about connected on Khabibs chin and it didn’t even affect him….I knew Khabib would fuckn win 🦅

    • Del Laroy says:

      The announcer on the right is a fkn joke. Not much even happened after he jumped the fence!!!

    • Grant Batzli says:

      I have seen this exact comment on another video hmmmmmm

  6. Joe Blow says:

    These three puppets are a joke

  7. 2sis fun Tv says:

    🌺🌺The 3 stooges talking out of their A – – Conor Does it, its ok, If someone does it to the Bully they are not civilized. Rogan said him self during the fight Conor using illegal knees to the face of Khabeeb when on the ground and grabbing his gloves the Ref did do anything because that’s Dana son. If it was someone else he would be disqualified🌺🌺

    • RJ. says:

      Its khabibs team who criminally assulted conor after the fight lol…

    • Adrian says:

      Killah Los Conor ran his mouth calling him a terrorist rat, and trashed his beliefs, family, and country… Khabib dealt with that the whole time they were promoting the fight and let it slide, Nate said one thing to Conor and he threw a fit and started throwing cans and bottles at Nate, Nick, and their team, so don’t question Khabib on ethics and don’t compare what he did to what Conor has done. Yes he jumped into the crowd, but so has Conor, the only reason a riot didn’t go down with Aldo and Conor, is because Aldo didn’t swing at Conor. If you watched what happened, Khabib never got the chance to swing on Dillon Danis, he stumbled after jumping over Kavanagh and the other coaches and Dillon took the first swing.

  8. Kadeem Sims says:

    HEY EVERYBODY fight hype got the real footage Connor punched khabibs cornerman on top the cage. After he punched that dude his boys jumped in the cage.

  9. Oscar Torres says:


  10. Michael Shaffer says:


  11. Yual Ma'Tsyun says:

    This is a joke. What Connor did in NY was a criminal act where American citizens were injured, that’s why he was arrested, yet here he is fighting in America a few months after. What Khabib did was fight with another fighter that was running his mouth outside of the cage. If he cant come back to the U.S. because of that it would be ridiculous. What should children who look up to Khabib think? Uh, what should children who look up to presidents think? How many of them have gone to school to grab girls by the pu..y? Don’t bring up kids as if MMA fighters should be role models for them. If so that’s another problem entirely. Am I condoning what Khabib did? No. But stop acting as if he attacked a fan with a weapon. Didn’t Connor jump into a ring and attack a ref? Yes he did. Connor got what he deserved. It’s that simple.

  12. Chris G says:

    Y’all will get over it.

  13. Kenneth Stevenson says:

    Khabib was justified in everything he did.

  14. Hardcore says:

    conor is a taper. He doesn’t even fight the choke

  15. Nexus of Guardian Art says:

    Ok let’s Conor’s Karma play out! Stop being UFC yes Men…Conor punched Khabib coach first….why so biased?

    • Nexus of Guardian Art says:

      +Pat awe poor Conor…can’t deny Karma homie…lol

    • A K says:

      Thank you for the great point!

    • Andrew Vincent says:

      They probably didn’t see the whole thing. Watching it on tv last night it had looked like Conor was hit first because of the angle the camera started taking to avoid showing the brawl. You only know the full extent of what happened to Conor if you watch the cell phone video of the brawl. It’s most likely that these three guys were watching it on the monitor which shows them exactly what we saw. Or they were watching it from where they were sitting but couldn’t see because of the people crowding the Octagon. I don’t think they were being biased. They just didn’t know. As much as I dislike Rogan, he is no yes man.

    • M10 YT says:

      Pat you are wrong go watch the videos of fans no one attacked Conor for no reason, Conor and the trainer both ran to jump the fence when Conor got stopped on top of the cage the trainer was also on top and that’s when Conor punched him the train didn’t hit first to swing Conor that’s when they started to attack conor

  16. Scott Krasneck says:

    Are you guys serious? Kids are watching? Thats your deal! I believe we just watched Tony Ferguson rip up Anthony Pettis face with elbows. I dont think theres a difference. Is it ok to teach kids use elbows to rip up someones face with elbows but not fighting outside the cage cause its a horrible thing to do. 🤔hmm. I dont think youngens should be watching PG rated tv

    • Andrew Vincent says:

      I don’t think you understand what he meant. Yes the UFC has nasty fights with elbows being thrown and blood. But it’s an organized sport and the fighters are abiding by the rules. So there is not real negative message being sent. If parents don’t want their kids watching violence then they shouldn’t let them watch. But he meant was that Khabib who is a champion, who just dominated and won his fight, instead of composing himself and defeating a bully with grace, he lost his composure to trash talking and jumped over the fence to fight with no thought of the consequences. That is not how an adult should act or how a champion should hold themselves. That’s his problem.

    • Moe elza says:

      Don’t forget making throwing chairs at busses a cool thing and putting it on every fight advertisement. Ohh no kids are watching

  17. Orlando Lemus says:

    Connor thought he was gangster, but Khabib just proved who the real GANGSTER is!!!!

  18. Lysergic Casserole says:

    Please…for the love of god…bring Goldberg back!

  19. tRexArms says:

    See what Conor causes!! Get him out of the sport. He’s a rat and cheater of a fighter. One illegal knee to khabibs head, grabbing the fence all day long. Grabbing the shorts. Grabbing the gloves. And still got mauled. Yet… we’ll see him again and everyone will act like he’s pound for pound best ever.

  20. Dee 81 says:

    Absolutely agree with Joe.Conor does not deserve a rematch he got smash.

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