Roger Federer gets emotional as children arrive on Centre Court after Wimbledon 2017 final

Roger Federer gets emotional as children arrive on Centre Court after Wimbledon 2017 final

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This is the official YouTube page of The All England Lawn Tennis Club (Championships), home of Wimbledon. The Championships 2017 will run from 3 July – 16 July.

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20 Responses

  1. Daryll Dalayoan says:


  2. Ur Mum says:

    G O A T

  3. Moon Seeker says:


  4. williamwatson5871 says:

    ahh so sweet

  5. Marklion Janecek says:

    Unbelievable, so emotional!

  6. sanch Sanchayan says:

    Time to create another record by winning 6 US open titles.

  7. Azlan Mahmood says:

    Emotions and achievements….. cant describe the feeling

  8. LΓͺ ThΓΉy Anh says:

    It’s a beautiful moment.

  9. Viren Vruksh says:

    I am so happy that Roger Federer won. I would have been bored had Nadal or Djokovic or Murray won. Roger has been trying and trying. Never say die! Winning at age 35, after 5 years (since 2012) is a great achievement.

  10. Saujana Insan says:

    Good job Federer!! πŸ‘

  11. Ijeoma Chioma says:

    So happy for Roger, now who said he couldn’t win another grand slam;well now 2 in the bag,1 more to go,in your face!

  12. ankur9044 says:

    The best there is
    The best there was
    The best there ever will be

  13. Omar Federer says:

    such an emotional final, they both deserve a lot of credit, Cilic for bravery and for courage, Roger for suffering and believing ……… Wimbledon is such a great event, my favourite ! i hope to see these two in next year’s finals … GO ROGER !

  14. X says:

    Federer has not lost a single set since Stuttgart. He won Halle for the 9th time without losing a set. Won Wimbledon for the 8th time without losing a set too. His match record this year is 31-2. Lost only two matches which he had match points in them. All of that and he is almost 36 years old. Talking about cementing one’s self to be the greatest ever. #RogerFederer #GOAT !

  15. MrGenexxx says:

    Federer – Nadal Us Open Finals. something that never happened yet believe it or not. would beΒ the perfectΒ way to end a perfectΒ season

  16. agradina says:

    mother tennis player
    father best tennis player of all times
    twins : tennis players?

  17. buri zaemon says:

    Golden Era of Tennis…19..15..12..3..3 on the same era…happy to be part of ( watching) it..

  18. Rupesh Dsouza says:

    He should be re-named “Roger Forever”…….

  19. Marco Muselli says:

    not only the greatest in tennis, but also what a man, not scared to show feelings, honest….GOAT

  20. WestonBVB says:

    I will fall apart when this man retires

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