Roger Federer Men’s Singles ceremony | Australian Open 2018

Roger Federer Men’s Singles ceremony | Australian Open 2018

The ceremony and presentations to championship winner Roger Federer and runner up Marin Čilić of the Australian Open 2018.

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24 Responses

  1. Jeremy Alan says:


  2. heitschibumbeitschi says:

    Just because this is youtube i have to say Sampras was better…that beeing said for those who want to start their usual “who is better” – war…

    Federer seemed to be stunned himself about how much success and happiness life has to offer for him. That is nice to see how grateful he is. He is a good guy and i wish him the best for the rest of his career and life. Im sure Federer will continue doing great things when his tennis career is over. Whenever that will be has to be seen. He looks like a spring chicken, has still one of the best movements and reflexes on the tour and is mentally strong as he has ever been. He surely is the fittest 36 year old tennis player ever…by a long mile. He may be able to play this level for another 2 years.

    If he is still winning aged 40 i think he was exchanged with a terminator T 1000 model or something like this. 🙂

  3. ghyslain de sintat says:

    i wont lie, that was emotional , i had to shed a few tears , forever the goat

  4. aquib alam says:

    Roger has dedication and thirst to supplement his natural talent which is a difficult combination to exist. I think Marin was gracious in defeat as well.

  5. James Waugh says:

    He was HANDED the Title when all of the top players retired injured ROFL!!!. He played NOBODY apart from Cilic and he has only got ONE weapon, his first serve and when that fails, he’s got NOTHING!!!. Just like the ONLY French Title he’s got, he never played Rafa and as I say, he never played a top player ROFL!!!. So stop with all of the BULLSHIT, a fit Rafa or Novak would have wiped the floor with him!!!.

    • Dhairya Shah says:

      How about you actually go play at this level and see how hard each match really is… it doesn’t matter who your opponent is because each match will always have its difficulties.
      AND you completely forgot about last year’s final… Federer clearly played a touch caliber player and WON.

    • bublubest says:

      Nadal and Djoker are unfit most of the time….In that case, these injury prone players should not even be named in the same line with Roger

    • Nicky T says:

      Meanwhile James Waugh has zero grand slams . Go back to playing with your Tonka toys you fool

    • Szabolcs Muráth says:

      Read your comment again and think about last year’s US Open. And what about only 6 titles for Nadal not on clay? Yes, sometimes the opponents are not top tier, but you have to win those matches and Cilic played relly good at some points. Feel free to talk trash about Federer, but he’s the best player ever in tennis.

  6. Roland Eschler says:

    GOAT – proud to be Swiss!

  7. Roland Eschler says:


  8. Fffffff Fffffff says:

    I dont know if im the only one who feels this way but i feel like every time anyone talks about federer, they always make him sound like some god, and they never really give proper recognition and respect to other players. Don’t get me wrong,Federer is a phenomenal player, but i just feel they always sell others short whenever they play federer or compare others to him

  9. Vladimir Bogdanovic says:

    Best tennis player ever. He is 36 years old but still playing like he is 25 and thats just unbelievable.

  10. Baburao G says:

    Emperor of tennis,love u fedrx

  11. Marc FEYT says:

    Great Fantastic player. A martian, just superman of tennis. Best than Everest mountain.

  12. Andy Jacobs says:

    What an awesome person Roger is! His talent is boundless and he’s such a cool guy! How can you not root for this man? Almost 37 years old and still killing it out there! 20 Grand Slam titles and still going strong! There will never be another one like him. Soak it up folks while he’s still playing. You’re watching history in the making.

  13. Ihsan Muslim says:

    Proud to be your fans & your Era Roger….❤❤❤❤❤❤

  14. Michael Copus says:

    Class personified

  15. Jack Liu says:

    True GOAT of tennis.

  16. Plasser1000 says:

    Roger is a class act and there isn’t ANYTHING wrong with a man crying. His emotions were overflowing. Such a well deserved win for an unbelievable tennis player.

  17. Sandy Heart says:

    Congrats Federer!! The GOAT! 👑

  18. DON Montana says:


  19. Tandiamonds says:

    What a baby i never cryed when i won at the grand slam

  20. Mralexiasi says:

    I love you Federer!You are my idol!Alex from Romania.

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