ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY Official Teaser Trailer

ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY Official Teaser Trailer

Get your first look at ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY in theaters this December.

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20 Responses


    BWAAAAH One: A BWAAH Wars Story


    0:57 у чуи брачный период

  3. MarcaiFilms says:

    Worst part is probably 1:19.. Weird guy with terrible line delivery
    interrupts the trailer and ruins it!

  4. Mestari says:

    No aliens? Racist.

  5. Veiled says:

    No matter how much I want this to be good, I have a really strong feeling
    it’s going to be garbage.

  6. TrueGameSpawn says:

    Anyone else hear the Vader breathing sound? :DDD

  7. Stax 2High says:

    so the question is… how does a rebel who pulled off a seamingly
    impossible mission of stealing top secret death star plans which would
    probably rocket her up the ladder wit rebwl command…, become CAPTAIN

  8. Jonathan Santiago says:

    Holly mother of-!!!

  9. AfcAidan says:

    Looks like it could be Rey’s mum

  10. Aaren Warr says:

    Ugh, Disney is just going to make more and more Star Wars movies simply to
    pump money out, without thinking of a good plot. Please be a decent Star
    Wars movie.

  11. Ali Ahmed says:

    Greetings from #maldives

  12. TR-8R says:

    More filthy propaganda from the scum working at Disney.

  13. Adarsh V says:

    Looking good.

  14. PSA2 Salay says:

    With the CGI and developments in film I have the impression that the Star
    Wars model with 1977 Storm Troopers costumes doesn’t work. It seems cheezy.
    Everything needs to be re-invented.

  15. Дима Славянов says:

    ЕЕЕЕЕЕЕбанууууутьсяяя новые звездные война , крууутяяяк !

  16. johnny monsteR says:

    in my opinion this looks so much better than that force woke up movie they

  17. PhuckFase says:

    There are not enough women in this trailer! #triggered

  18. sprintingcat 39 says:


  19. Potato Soup says:

    Why is Jar-Jar not in this one?

  20. Nickolas Jackson says:

    Don’t want to complain too much with only a 1:30 minute long trailer but
    this is pretty underwhelming. Something just seems off about the whole vibe
    of (what Ive seen of) this movie so far. I don’t think I like this girl as
    the lead role