Rogue One: A Star Wars Story “Trust”

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story “Trust”

Trust the Force. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is in theaters on December 16.

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20 Responses

  1. Andrew Silver says:

    Where’s Luke!?

  2. suremaine says:

    My butthole isn’t ready for this movie yet.

  3. Stefan C says:

    I wish that you could comment the feeling of pure ecstasy.

  4. Jarno says:

    Best bday bift yet, a new rogue one trailer ?

  5. Random3 Mizer says:

    Spoiler alert they get the death star plans

  6. LegoLogical says:

    I don’t even think K2 was aware, maybe he just wanted to get rid of the
    bomb XD

  7. celticwolff says:

    Has anyone heard if Wedge, Biggs or Porkins will be shown/mentioned? They
    should have already been with the Rebels at this point, right?

  8. Rob E says:

    Mommy make it stop! My head is going to spin! Gimme Gimme Gimme… I need I
    They can show all they want, and it’s still only a teaser! Vader gonna kill
    it… and we have no idea how, but it’s gonna happen y’all!

  9. Fi Skirata says:

    “I will not fail…”

  10. Colin K says:

    I love and hate that they are giving us new trailers/teasers. I love
    getting pumped for this movie but at the same time I don’t want to see new
    stuff :/

  11. Achilleas Angelopoulos says:

    I just wish there’s at least a reference/mention of Thrawn in the movie!
    Also is it just me or did they change Hyperspace slightly? Not that I mind.

  12. Darth Jason Games says:

    This are to many spoilers for me

  13. Rod Jonse says:

    I just realised I can no longer rank the movies by episode….

    I can’t throw “RO” into “V>IV>VI>III>VII>I>II”, you shittin’ me? Now I have
    to type it out longform, eventually like “RO:ASWS” once they’ve made enough
    of these 20 years from now.

  14. Andi Broda says:

    Please Stop to make 20 TV Spots.!!! 3 Trailer Are enaugh!

  15. Peter Wong says:

    0:46 backwards trick shot!!!

  16. Matt Boesch says:

    if you pause it at 1:02 it kinda like the AT-ACT has eyes (cause of the
    Laser cannons) and a mouth as well.


    Galen Marek is immortal <3

  18. SENOR spoder says:

    spoiler alert: the deathstar goes kaboom when the lead shoots the big hole

  19. Sam Carver says:

    1:16 YOOOOOO

  20. TheRecreator says:

    They’re making quite a lot of trailers for this, aren’t they?