Roland S. Martin & Wendy Talk Race in America

Roland S. Martin & Wendy Talk Race in America

“News One Now” host Roland S. Martin sits down with Wendy to talk about her remarks about Historically Black Colleges and the NAACP.

Then, Roland weighs in on race in America, police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Plus, Roland weighs in on how to talk to our kids about these issues.

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20 Responses

  1. sami ijaz says:

    hmm. For the first time in her life she didn’t interrupted her guest lol

  2. Xenobia Ten says:

    WOWWW !! I am Canadian & we learned about slavery & up to current
    discrimination that Black folks face in the US – NOT! We all were LIED TO

  3. Apples Mitchell says:

    I never knew a transgender would have her own talk show

  4. mcm always says:

    How can we hold cops and racist accountable for hate. is to lock the
    parents up. Hate is a learned behavior and its a dangerous behavior that
    will result in murder. children don’t crawl out the womb saying they hate
    because someone’s color. If people stop teaching their children hate black
    brown or white then we will not have this issue. The blackman is the most
    hated because it’s learned behavior and the haters were taught to hate from
    birth!! harsh reality but true. Raise your children to respect and to treat
    people the way they want to be treated!! And that’s for black people brown
    people and white people..

  5. FrakU2 says:

    This is our experience in our own country. I can only hope that the
    “majority” is listening and learning.

  6. Darima2 says:

    This was so informative. I learned a lot (and i already knew a lot from the
    African American Slavery course i took a few years ago). Wendy, kudos to
    you for knowing to not interrupt or shout at him cause this is a different
    kind of interview. Though you did seem to be bursting at the seams…and
    maybe seemed to be looking at him a bit begrudgingly…

  7. Asia Crawford says:

    He made some excellent points and I am so glad that our generation is
    making it possible for America to have an open dialogue about police
    brutality . #GetHome #BlackLivesMatter

  8. abigail garman says:

    What was it that Wendy said I’m not really caught up what happened

  9. Dudu Mphuthi says:

    Good for you Wendy! This was very insightful. I’m from South Africa and
    this resonates so much with our current political climate. I thank strong
    learned men and women who school us and fight for us on the daily. Much
    respect to you Mr Roland Martins, you are really a man of dignity…we
    stand on your shoulders and those of many others who challenge us to
    further push this imposed wall called racism till it crumbles. We stand by
    you all in South Africa. And to you Miss Wendy, I really respect a person
    who can swallow their pride, admit that they are wrong and not throw shade
    on those who enlighten them. Good for you 🙂 xxxx

  10. LTL5050 says:

    Just read this article on the internet, wonder how much the mighty dollar
    had to do with her willingness to be educated: Wendy Williams Loses Sponsor
    Amid Race Controversy; Chevy Pulls Out of the Talk Show.

  11. 504Diva says:

    I don’t know if Wendy got everything he was saying but I applaud her
    willingness to be educated.

  12. GlamNP says:

    I remember seeing RM at nail salon near Houston. I wanted to speak sat
    there like a sitting duck! I then mentioned this on one of his post and he
    responded why I didn’t speak to him! I could have fainted! I find him very

  13. mariadecosta says:

    what did u miss…what did she say?!

  14. lyhluv says:

    Those who support the BLM movement in America please continue to speak out
    against injustice in your communities, understand the impact of laws from
    various perspectives (other cultures), accomplish a selfless act, assess
    your own feelings before communicating your point and don’t be afraid to
    ask questions. Fear and hate continues to divide. A simple conversation can
    make all the difference ( we prejudge ) but remember communication is in
    the mind of the other person not yours so seek to share understanding and
    vision; ideas are powerful

  15. Karl Harpur says:

    Watching Wendy in this reminds of the episode of Friends where Joey didn’t
    understand any of the serious conversation topics the others would bring up
    so he bought himself an encyclopedia! Roland is so well versed and
    articulate. Wendy, on the other hand…needs an encyclopedia!!

  16. Dana Richardson says:

    Honestly Wendy looked so zoned out every time Mr .Martin spoke….like she
    was hearing crickets. Lol

  17. AieshaAmala says:

    this not an interview. it more of an informative talk from 1 person.

  18. Steven Paul says:

    now I don’t watch this walking wig so can you guys explain to me what Wendy
    said that she has to apologize abour

  19. RiRi says:

    At least Wendy knows she was wrong and ignorant but willing to learn. There
    are other ignorant people who don’t care to learn and are defensive.

  20. The Bellclapper says:

    Wendy, you true exemplified humility in asking Roland to come on your show.
    I applaud you for that. It is never too late to learn something. An apology
    goes a long way . . . education goes even further
    Still a fan…