in this video, reacts to the Gervonta tank Davis and King ryan garcia fight, ryan garcia got dropped by Gervonta Davis is round 2

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  1. SoulKhon says:

    No Rolly, he fought just like you! Uncontrolled, rushing and reaching on that first knockdown. 7th, isn’t it funny how Ryan ended his last fight with a body shot similar to what he got hit with tonight? Never saw it coming. Props to Tank

  2. Jub Jub says:

    Damn that’s crazy, David stopped Ryan the same way Ryan stopped Cambell. Those liver shots ain’t no joke, especially when they come from a real puncher

    • A Google User says:

      @Jordan Goat That was a mediocre body shot at best and I’m being kind. The truth of the matter should you want to believe it or not is that at that point Ryan did not want to carry on so chose to quit. His immediate reaction where he’s walking around absolutely fine is testament to that.
      You believe what you want to, I don’t believe that was a punch anywhere near severe enough to cause a stoppage. This has happened countless times in boxing before, I believe anything to the contrary is extremely naive.

    • Jordan Goat says:

      @A Google User dude a liver shot always have a delayed reaction. Bernard stopped Oscar the same way. Doesn’t need to be a heavy blow as long is accurate

    • Jordan Goat says:

      The same way Bernard stopped Oscar

    • Nast Futter says:

      @Pito Comes 100%

    • Pito Comes says:

      @Nast Futter maneeee my first time I took an L jus like that LMAO I was disappointed in Ryan a lil but damn them shots right there will have u gasping for air as if u were having an asthma but without an inhaler & oxygen goes bye 👋🏼 for like 20 sec and if u try to fight it u don’t give the body the time to recover it gets slightly worse

  3. Mr Grandi says:

    That bodyshot was so damm precise, plus Ryan was throwing a punch when he got hit with it, those are usually the ones that take all the air out them tires for real!! I do agree with Rolly, Davis baited Ryan in, gave him a false sense of security and BOOM, caught him lagging. Ryan shouldn’t been rushing

    • Clay Dobbins says:

      @Edwin Mendez Yeah, sure.😆

    • Edwin Mendez says:

      It was thrown. 2023

    • Unknown says:

      ​@A Google User you’ve never boxed before. Tank landed a clean punch to Ryan’s body. With tanks power and accuracy it’s definitely not a 0.5, consider this, Ryan got up from getting punched clean in the face but couldn’t get up to a body punch

    • Clay Dobbins says:

      Forget Romero, he got set up in similar fashion when Tank told him he was going to run into something. Tank knew.
      Southpaw right foot outside of orthodox’s left foot, southpaw left hand power punch inside everytime. Textbook.
      In order to win against a southpaw, you have to maintain and repeat the mirror image, orthodox’s left foot outside of southpaws right foot, and as they say, right hand straight down the pike. But many orthodox fighters forget that foot placement, and over the course of the bout cannot maintain it. They can’t keep repeating in their head, don’t let this guy get his foot outside of mine. This basic fundamental is even more frustrating when you are facing an extremely practiced and gifted switch hitter like Jaron “Boots” Ennis, or Terence “Bud” Crawford.

    • Kenneth Boddie says:

      Rolly should know, He did the same to him… LOL Baited him in…. Then unloaded his power shots.

  4. Daryl James says:

    He landed his power shots but lacked power unlike what he used to do every fight. He allowed Davis to get closer to his body and the moment he got dropped I know his confidence dropped down as well. He even allowed himself to get closer to Tank again for the 2nd time and it was a game ender mistake for Ryan. but he fought his heart out even if he came up short. that’s boxing. it’s all about how you bounce back from a big loss of your career

    A boxer who wasn’t afraid to take a possible first defeat of his career just to make the boxing fans satisfied is far more better than a boxer who’s very afraid to fight fairly and would do anything in their favor for the sake of their undefeated record

    • K Capone says:

      @yoshi tank at 140 though so he has already moved up. Haney and noma are at 135

    • yoshi says:

      @Clay Dobbins  I’m liking this division atm..but I heard Loma and tank might be finished soon. Tank I think only has the winner of Loma and Haney to fight imo. Maybe Shakur but it’s not like he has too since Shakur has only joined the div. But I think tank fights winner of Loma and Haney, if Haney wins, Loma might retire and tank just wants to clear the division, don’t think he wants to move up either.

    • K Capone says:

      Ryan was taking body shots all night that last one put him down he probably could have gotten back up but it would have just ended badly for him he quit couldn’t handle tank

    • K Capone says:

      @Gil SoftCoder if then that’s no excuse from once you decide to sign the contract if it was that much of a problem just don’t sign. It’s funny how his lovers a coming out with all sorts now he got beat up by a guy they have been hating

  5. makilis salas says:

    Congratulations to both, Spence and Crawford could learn from this.

  6. DameBee727 says:

    Rolly ain’t the one to give advice about not rushing and to be more patient 😂, he was looking like a baby deer when he fought Tank 😭

  7. Donald77 says:

    Rollie’s already sounding “punch drunk” 🥴

  8. 93ShogunateDaimyo77 says:

    Ryan was leaving a lot of openings to the body I saw that. Ryan did good but he has a lot of holes. If he fixes those and stays focused (less insta clowns) he can be a champ someday.

    • Ryan Showalter says:

      I didn’t count the number of times, but it was multiple times each round Ryan would get close and step back while throwing his right at Tank. Can’t do the same thing over and over like that against a counter puncher. Tank learned the timing and that’s that.

    • 36090pburke says:

      Tank was saying Ryan got no right and it was pretty evident during the fight

    • Amisces23 says:

      He does that on purpose to set up his left hook but he didnt learn thats not wise bc its gonna be exploited eventually. Both hands up and beside his ears, and killer k.o. tank saw through it.

    • yoshi says:

      Tank been saying that, most didn’t listen, it was to be expected.

  9. Youaintnocop Jreed says:

    The reporter let Rolly rant about a rematch. Soon after, the reporter didn’t even elaborate 😂 he just ask his question unrelated 💀

  10. Gerardo Casillo says:

    Rollie and Ryan have something in common now 😂😂😂

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