Roma vs. Feyenoord: Extended Highlights | UEL Quarter-Finals – Leg 2 | CBS Sports Golazo – Europe

Roma vs. Feyenoord: Extended Highlights | UEL Quarter-Finals – Leg 2 | CBS Sports Golazo – Europe

A Wieffer goal and Roma missed penalty provide Feyenoord a slight 1-0 edge as the Dutchmen travel to the Italian capital with a semifinal spot on the line.

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19 Responses

  1. EpicVlogger says:

    What a performance by Roma. Magnificent.

  2. D U says:

    Dybala’s final few seasons at Juventus were unfortunate and ever since he made the move to Roma, he is reminding me of the Dybala during the early years of Juventus!! He still has the magic to make plays happen and that is why Mourinho got rid of Zaniolo and stuck with Dybala all the way!!

  3. ttangerine says:

    MASSIVE win for Roma. I told everyone after the Sociedad game that Roma is 100x better when they actively press to score goals. This is one of the most dominant displays I’ve seen in Europe this season. Absolute class from Roma, hope to see them in the final so we can have an all 🇮🇹 final!

  4. Hadush Gebremeskel says:

    Roma’s patience and fight till the end is amazing. Great game by both teams.

  5. N1netyfirst says:

    seen that finish from dybala so many times over the years, never gets old. Incredible that he can finish with a man double his size pushing him to the floor

  6. Stephen Mason says:

    What a game and atmosphere! European nights are special. I’ll never understand people who try and downplay this competition.

    • Christian C. says:

      It’s some of the most competitive football and I love it. I hope Super Unai Emery can take my Villa over seas. UTV!!!

  7. Ryan M says:

    mourinho you son of a gun, he’s literally futbol heritage 😭 one of the only managers that gets his team prepared for these type of atmospheres, his passion for the game brings joy to his players u see it in the way they play 🔥

  8. Sam says:

    Been a fan of Roma since 2001 when they last won league title. Good to see Roma doing well again.

  9. Skypier says:

    Unbelievable atmosphere. Mourinho is really special.

  10. ItzSith says:

    I was watching this live when it was 2-1 I though it was over but Dybala scored in the last minute I was shocked and screamed “DYBALA” it was an amazing comeback and show of Roma 🔥💎

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