Roman Reigns Calls Usos a Problem; Wants Tag Titles | WWE SmackDown Highlights 5/12/23 | WWE on USA

Roman Reigns Calls Usos a Problem; Wants Tag Titles | WWE SmackDown Highlights 5/12/23 | WWE on USA

Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa will face Kevin Owns and Sami Zayn for the WWE Tag Team Titles. WWE SmackDown Highlights 5/12/23. WWE now streaming on Peacock.

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The superstars of WWE battle in elaborate, long-running rivalries every Friday night! Watch Roman Reigns, Sasha Banks, Drew McIntyre, Charlotte Flair and all of your favorite professional wrestlers duke it out in the ring. WWE now streaming on Peacock.

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42 Responses

  1. Andre Morgan says:

    The fact that jey was able to contain his anger throughout that situation and not Jimmy says a lot. Can you imagine when jey finally let go all of those emotions?

  2. Jared Conatser says:

    Paul Heyman plays his role so perfectly. This is a good refreshment into the Bloodline storyline. If Jey finally knocks off Roman…

  3. sebastianreyes8138 says:

    The fact that he said he’s not in a tag team really makes me miss the days of The Shield 🤜👊🤛

  4. Lionel T says:

    The subtle look at the new World Heavyweight Title was icing on the cake. Roman is good at this heel thing

    • Dimitri Pierre says:

      He’s gonna get it I need him to get it

    • Wrestling He}}❔ says:

      Roman – “then I pull up my social media and see yall, OoH I hOpE ThE TrIbAl ChIeF DoEsNt WiN ThE nEw tItLe OoOoOoH pLeAsE NoOo, HAHAHA”

  5. gemusenta says:

    The way Paul Heyman is already half way out the ring thru the 2nd rope but stayed half way in to watch 😂😂😂

  6. Shrey Thaker says:

    Did anyone notice how Roman beat the “what” chant by changing up the cadence of his promo? He’s so good now it’s crazy

  7. Izel Seay says:

    The way Roman transitioned this entire thing into child discipline with The Usos was top tier Roman going full parent mode about to give the bad kids a belt whooping was pure gold

    • Goldenwolf says:

      Roman scolded them exactly like my parents would have my mom still to this day even tho I’m 20 and I still slip up she tells me sit down here until I tell you to get up than when I get up apologize! 😂😂great job Roman

    • Josh Lopez says:

      Roman might turn on the usos

    • Spodap says:

      Darn tootin

    • Lynn Hall says:

      Roman Reigns and solo sikoa tag team for Bloodline the Night the championship match WWE Kevin owen and sami Zayn lose the tag team the winner Roman Reigns and solo sikoa bring the night of championship

    • Spodap says:

      @Lynn Hall what?

  8. Mider-Span Man says:

    Just look at how Roman Reigns stares admiringly/obsessively at those titles for a super long time. That’s all his character cares about right now. He cares about holding on to those titles more than his family who are just his lackeys. He is like gollum with the ring before his downfall.

  9. Soul-the-Mysterious says:

    Jimmy was ready to run that fade like he tried to years ago

  10. Big Tatsu says:

    And on this moment Jimmy realized that Sami was right all a long.

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