Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose reunite as The Shield: Raw, March 4, 2019

Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose reunite as The Shield: Raw, March 4, 2019

After a tense confrontation, The Hounds of Justice reunite.
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60 Responses

  1. Diego S. Silva says:


  2. Vic R says:

    Thank you very much !! Wwe , The Shield Forever ??

    This part of my life, this little part is called HAPPINESS :'(

  3. Jeet Chakraborty says:

    We love Roman and we all love shield welcome back roman and welcome Back shield we love u guszz??????????????????

  4. You Wish M8 says:

    3:23 That super kick was perfect ?

  5. Shiwang Jaiswal says:

    Roman reigns is back hence shield . Therefore LHS=RHS hence (PROVED) 😉

  6. RAJ RAMAN says:

    4:02 ❤️❤️
    Comeback is always greater than setback

  7. Souhil says:

    Roman Reigns’s New t-shirt is soo Cool

  8. Bloody Reckless says:

    Dear WWE, Dean Ambrose’s a true national treasure … plz stop screwing him over … plz plz plz .. Why did u let him lose again !!!!? Really !!!? To Elias !!!?

    • Nontozake Mafanya says:

      I know heyy ? Dean is one of thr best WWE wrestlers they have.

    • Hail lord Tachanka says:

      Because it’s a story line that he’s degrading as a wrestler. Dean didnt renew his contract and is gonna leave after wrestlemania, and this is to set up a feel good final match.

    • Promis Nwekenta says:

      Elias is actually a pretty strong wrestler. Losing to him is not embarrassing. Maybe for guys like boreman reigns….. and just any big sweaty man.

  9. Maor Ohana says:

    Don’t know why but i’m feeling bad about this…
    Only me?

    • Rahul Star says:

      +Jameel Far other wrestlers deserves opportunity to get on top. I don’t like shield and Dean Ambrose ( Jonathan Good ) is biggest actor in this trio. I feel bad For Bobby lashley and Drew McIntyre. The deserves to shine. But Baron Corbin is trash. There should be EC3 in that group that man is also Struggling for long time. And he did well in Impact wrestling. So I think you are moron who is floating with WWE scripts and thinks everything is real in this television series. Moron Ignorant teens calling people idiot just like you ???

    • The Indian Muthu kumar says:

      Me too a bit

    • Raigon Jones says:

      Liberal alert

    • XxZstar xX says:

      +Rahul Star If you mean as a team then meh Lashley and Drew aren’t great (Only Drew can really act well). But Lashley has already had his chance in the past and not many people are a fan of him. Although the shield are overused people still really enjoy them. They may not be the greatest hounds of justice from 2012 or 2013, but atleast they have fans and that is why Shield are a good choice on a business stand-point. Drew meh he shouldn’t be in the tag division he should really be inline for the IC championship. The same thing goes for EC3 I don’t think he should we wasted in the tag division, if anything that group should just implode.

    • PohTrain says:

      Maccabi sucks

  10. Exotic Dust says:

    This might sound nerdy but I don’t caaaare I have my own shield at my school and ain’t going to lie but we are pretty strong

  11. Navin Joshi says:

    That moment when Ambrose joins and everyone’s like YYYYAAAAAAAA!!! LOVE THAT REACTION

  12. DEBAJIT SARMA says:

    Yes yes yes finally the shield is back. I am happy ????

  13. dean rama says:

    3:44 “FFVIII is underated”
    true af ??

  14. Daniel Mullins says:

    In case you guys are still confused.. Dean is NOT leaving

    • Nevlan Brown says:

      He his still leaving don’t let this Reunion fool u dean is out after Wrestlemania

    • D Anderson says:

      He is

    • Shubham Mishra says:

      Roman on mic said I want this one
      last time,we don’t know how long we are here,which clearly means that he gave us hint about Dean Ambrose leaving the company.

    • Shubham Mishra says:

      +BlackWind90 listen maybe Brock Lesnar interferes in Shield’s fastlane match by diverting them or something and we all know Indeed he can,so at wrestlemania a no disqualification Main event might get to see a Shield moment to get title off Brock’s shoulder and Brock goes head to head with Dianel in UFC.

    • Thomas Webb says:

      +Nevlan Brown no he aint n how the hell u know

  15. The Shield says:

    4:03 when the only guy of your team who isn’t in a relationship finds a girl???

  16. Carol Nachar says:

    Hold up,was seth rollins wearing an apple watch while fighting?That seems off

  17. WARLORD GAMER says:

    Order a new shield jacket for Ambrose now!!!

  18. Pathak Enterprises says:

    So Basically Dean Ambrose is a Tsundere!!


    Once again Thank you Roman.

  20. it's Abdullah says:

    The Shield is back? who’s happy I’m too?

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