Roman Reigns Sounds Fed Up with The Bloodline | WWE SmackDown Highlights 5/19/23 | WWE on USA

Roman Reigns Sounds Fed Up with The Bloodline | WWE SmackDown Highlights 5/19/23 | WWE on USA

After some frustration with The Usos action and an awkward bump with Solo, The Bloodline is not having the easiest time. WWE SmackDown Highlights 5/19/23. WWE now streaming on Peacock.

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45 Responses

  1. Macroholic says:

    They are building Solo to be an absolute Monster.

  2. Wyndell Lee the Spammer says:

    When you realize that the Usos attacking Sami and Kevin wasn’t scripted by Roman.

  3. HybridBreed23 says:

    The face Heyman had when he saw Solo glaring at Roman at the end… He knows Solo would pull up if Roman got at him like that

    • ZoDrama says:

      Lmao exactly and those still are solos Brothers idk what direction this angle is going but I’m intrigued by it

    • Bruce Kraft Jr. says:

      This is getting crazy with the bloodline kind of exploding in all directions

    • MegaMr46 says:

      8:16 And Roman is like “oop, sorry sorry.”

    • Sola Scriptura says:

      THAT was wild,@MegaMr46 :
      How Roman backed down to Solo.

    • Mathew Hill says:

      Paul can tell a story without even talking. These guys should be studying Paul he’s not gonna be in the WWE for ever. He might take a back seat roll but his time on camera might come to an end after the bloodline

  4. MrDude88 says:

    6:59 Roman’ face in this segment is gold. His face expressed a glimpse of pain when Sami told him he wasn’t as good as the Usos, especially with that slight smile of uncertainty. A lot like Homelander from The Boys.

  5. Beast_Wrestling 000 says:

    Bro, the shoulder bump. You know everyone is going their own separate ways. Solo ain’t aligned with no one, usos are out, Paul is out and Roman is all alone.

    To be honest, solo and Paul would be perfect to keep Paul Heyman going as a manager.

  6. kiezer sosay says:

    I like how solo stays quiet and watches everything unfold. I think he’ll come out of this on the other side the least affected

  7. Lee says:

    This storyline is just insane I can’t tell which way it’s going to go…it has the potential for so many different directions. The way it transitioned from Sami leaving the bloodline to the bloodline internal warfare..been a fan since attitude era and this is by far one of the deepest and emotionally invested storyline I’ve seen.

  8. Pack Pock says:

    Roman is finally reaching to where he never has.. Those boos that pop of heal hate was magnetic..

  9. Craig Harp says:

    The entire time in the locker room, Solo’s eyes did not move off of Roman once. He was staring daggers in him. I love the little things with their story.

  10. Mider-Span Man says:

    I don’t want the bloodline to end! They are the best thing to happen to WWE in the last over 10 years! I might shed a few tears when all is said and done. I feel like they have so much juice left and they have been carrying this company for the last three years. ☝🏿

    • Trap Ghosty says:

      they haven’t been carrying the company the entire storyline has but the bloodline hasent Roman is just being given everything that he wants because he is the only person to ever hit a thousand days since sammartino it’s simple as that

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