Roman Reigns wants a Shield reunion: Raw, March 4, 2019

Roman Reigns wants a Shield reunion: Raw, March 4, 2019

The Big Dog tries to convince Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose to unite as The Hounds of Justice on last time.
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69 Responses

  1. esperCELL says:

    *Roman Reigns turn to break up The Shield?*


    If u love The Shield and you want them back just like me hit like

  3. reelkena says:

    Elias is the most medium faceheel with medium results…

  4. The burn it down Monster says:

    This is how many percent people love Roman


  5. Real News Fair Analysis says:

    East or West
    Roman Reigns always best
    Love from India

  6. Mishkat Rahman says:

    Shield had lost all its mystic for me when they reunited in TLC.

  7. Jackie Chu says:

    Seriously feel like Dean was better as a heel but WWE really butchered something that could’ve saved his career.

    • kelly love says:

      Dean would of made a great heel but it was bad timing cuz they pulled the trigger too early, especially on a emotional night, and yeah it may have been the greatest heel turn in WWE history, but it was only for a moment, not in the long run. They never had a backup plan to how Dean was gonna play out as a heel since Roman was out for months and storylines had to be scrapped cuz of it.

    • LIL_DJ PROD. V2 says:

      Raven Fox blame the writers for that not him

    • Inkjunky Gaming says:

      Disagree he isn’t heel enough to be a heel meaning he still be joking around like he a baby face which suits him better than the heel role

  8. Jalen Payton says:

    Theory: Roman wants to bring back The Shield to eventually betray Seth Rollins the same way Seth betrayed Roman & Dean in 2014. FINALLY TURNING ROMAN HEEL! There’s your shock of 2019

  9. Empirier YT says:

    Lol @ 2:44 you can see a guy just putting his thumbs up and smiling lol

  10. *nikki* says:

    stop breaking up and reuniting the shield over and over again.
    the next time you break them up, not many people will care anymore?‍♀️

  11. szczęście jest koloru czarnego says:

    listen, stupid idiots. They reunited only once, it was in 2017. Dean came back in august and they got together with the last agreement. It will be their second reunion for real. It’s totally ok for me. Their story makes a perfect sense and this is rare in wwe. They get so many roadblocks in their way and they still stand together. They have so many big moments, for example (main event) WM31, (main event) MITB 2016, (tag match) Summerslam 2017. Why don’t you see it? The Shield story is close to perfection

    • Harry Lewis says:

      Battleground 2016 all members of The Shield fight for WWE champion

    • MsAJ92 says:

      I think this is the third. Remember they reformed during the build to TLC in 2017 (I think) then Roman got that meningitis bug that was going around and they had to replace him with Kurt Angle. Then dean got hurt. Then they tried to reform again and Roman’s leukemia came back.

    • szczęście jest koloru czarnego says:

      +MsAJ92 and it just make a great storytelling. Only a heel turn means them splitting, so they split twice. When Fandango comes back, he will join tyler and they still be called fashion police. Same with Dean. I love the shield story but I want much more spotlight on ambrose if he stays/comes back.

    • MsAJ92 says:

      +szczęście jest koloru czarnego they split twice and that means that this is the third time they have reformed. Heel turns aren’t the only things that split up factions. Injury is also a thing.

    • Freddy's Nightmare says:

      +*nikki* How is it annoying? No one can see the future, when they reunited Dean injured his arm then shortly after returning they reunited then roman had an illness, so nothing is annoying about it.
      Like I said no one can see the future.

  12. KozPop says:

    They will reunite, have a big moment at Wrestlemania which will be the last night at WWE for Dean, then the night after on Raw Roman will turn heel on Seth.

    I can already see it happening.

    • Sreekanth r2 says:

      +King Azavier_ becky did everything without script
      But vince didnt take action because people loved that

    • ObsessiveFanboy says:

      Nah they still want Reigns to be the next Cena and carry the company. They’re not gonna turn their golden boy heel. If they didn’t turn Cena, what makes you think they’ll turn Reigns?

    • Tyler Mcknights Gaming Channel says:


    • Fahim Hasan says:

      +ObsessiveFanboy cena was heel once. You might have missed.

      Anyone who agrees with the above two sentences has no idea about wwe

  13. SinnamonSymon66 says:

    Any body want to see the shield powerbomb Elies?
    Fist touch that like

  14. Aishat Omowunmi says:

    Wow this made me love Roman Reigns more❤❤

  15. Rahul Sk says:

    Only big dog Roman Reigns suparstars nambar 111king??? welcome back Roman love you

  16. V Tech Everything says:

    Shield is back (heel)Belive That

  17. Football Hindi says:

    The Shield Is Not A business
    SHIELD Is A Brotherhood

  18. GameTechツ says:

    3:14 anyone else hear some guy yell AMEN?

  19. Sapphire Katana says:

    Quick! Hit him with A Guitar before he goes off script ????

  20. Jerry Nw says:

    This is one of the most awaited moments of his return THE SHEILD ia back ? unity that changes everything??

    See you next time Continues and God bless you WWE ??

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