Roman Reigns wants Sami Zayn to bring the IC Title to The Bloodline | WWE on FOX

Roman Reigns wants Sami Zayn to bring the IC Title to The Bloodline | WWE on FOX

The Tribal Chief surprised Sami Zayn by pulling him into a one-on-one meeting and envisioning The Intercontinental Title in the hands of The Bloodline.

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Roman Reigns wants Sami Zayn to bring the IC Title to The Bloodline | WWE on FOX


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40 Responses

  1. WWE ON FOX says:

    Will Sami Zayn stay true to his word?

  2. nineteenct says:

    Roman is gonna do more movies for sure, he plays this perfectly

  3. Sari Fadel says:

    Dude Sami is that kid from high school tryina fit in with the cool boys 😂

  4. D Breakdown says:

    Sami is gold. This whole segment was pure gold😂

  5. DarkKnight371971 says:

    I love how Roman’s character is able to manipulate everyone around him. Great character development.

  6. Bryan says:

    Roman bringing up Kevin to Sami, it could be a sign that we could see a feud between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn again and since Kevin brought back the “Prizefighter” side of him it’s the perfect time for Sami Zayn to turn face again, he’s been a heel for 5 years already.

    • Shawn Place says:

      @YouIn24Years OOSE maaaaan face it the so called “bloodline” can’t win a match without interfering in each other’s matches to keep the titles who you kidding???? And further more they all will lose the titles whenever the higher ups tell them to

    • MentalWisdom says:

      Sami and Kev taking those Tag Titles

    • Dan Rhone says:

      KO could be coming to Smackdown during next months draft or have Sami and USOS move from Smackdown to Monday Night Raw

    • RIDGERAW7 says:

      No they both turn face and take the titles off the uso

  7. Ybn Backwood says:

    Lowkey I hope Sami gets a push I wouldn’t mind

  8. Hey Arnold says:

    If Sami officially joins the bloodline he definitely going to be one of the greatest IC champs ever

    • Teran Icer says:

      Sami’s not joining the BL

    • David Jones says:

      @ Pilot82 he’s not seriously a member, they’re playing him. Also, no way Sami is beating Gunther for the IC title but I would love to see how this pays off, whether Sami faces Roman for a world title and/or Sami and a tag team partner (Owens?) take the tag belts from the Usos.

    • Wolf7 El says:

      It would be like when Owen Hart joined Nation Of Domination…
      A complete joke, that would actually kill off the faction altogether.

    • Derin Outerbridge says:

      @ Pilot82 if I remember correctly Eugene was a “honorary” member of Evolution. See how that worked 😂😂

    • LtHughes says:

      @YouIn24Years nope he isn’t interested.

  9. The Dogwoods says:

    Sami Zayn is like the Charlie Day of WWE

  10. SlapstickGags says:

    Love how these storylines have been interconnecting, they’re not as self-contained. Owens-Roman, Zayn-Bloodline, Roman-Drew, Roman-Kross, Kross-Drew, Zayn-Owens, etc.

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