Ronda Rousey Addresses Her Floyd Mayweather Remarks

Ronda Rousey Addresses Her Floyd Mayweather Remarks

Ronda Rousey talks to Jimmy about making Floyd Mayweather remember her and how much faster she could have taken out Bethe Correia.

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Ronda Rousey Addresses Her Floyd Mayweather Remarks

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20 Responses

  1. Million Dollar Hype Job says:

    *”Everytime I run into him, I’m going to reintroduce myself everytime.
    Maybe one day, he’ll actually remember me.”*

    Immediately after saying that, she lowers head and looks away….. like a
    bashful little school girl. I think Ronda may be hoping for this rivarly
    end like “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.” Lol

  2. Razear says:

    Fallon is trying so hard not to look at her chest. lmfao

  3. thomas yu says:

    she’s so hot.

  4. Jameel McPherson says:

    She wants to be fucked By Floyd .. I can see it in her face. She wants
    babies.. the top two fighters procreating type of shit to make monsters..
    She want dat nigga dick..Smh why don;t you just ask ..She got jungle fever
    ..Smh Lol shout out my dawg flyod!

  5. Michael Andrews says:

    Only a few know she is a man. It’s call a (heshe). A man that look like
    woman. She “heshe” continually obsessions with putting the mouth on
    Mayweather. It leaves me to wonder if she can get his dick in the (mouth)
    or in the (ass) within 20 second and to show it live at MGM and have a
    replay on TMZ, SBNation and Jimmy Fallon.

  6. Michael Andrews says:

    Ronda Rousey call out Ann Wolfe, Mayweather little sister

  7. King 27 says:

    She wanna get that “Skeet Fountain Special,” from Floyd.

  8. Leeds Drum Academy says:

    I love Ronda and her overall attitude. She’s a winner but the day she loses
    she will also learn the greatest lesson of her life. And then she will be
    even more indestructible.

  9. Joseph White says:

    floyd would clap them cheeks

  10. Scott Davey says:

    She was quite gracious about it and Fallon moved on straight away PLUS she
    looks hot in that interview

  11. jonazmedZ says:


  12. bmomosaik says:

    no one knows who she is only mma fans know her, no one outside of mma knows
    who she is, may of heard of her because she keeps using mayweathers name to
    get more media, let her keep dodging cyborg, like the scared bish she is

  13. Rusty Kuntz says:

    These UFC bums are pathetic media whores.

  14. I moved from Whitmore lake to omaha, and Nebraska is much nicer than Michigan. says:

    she has a fat girls face

  15. royhatts1 says:

    All these beta boys in the comment section fawning over this 5/10. You guys
    know she injects test right?

  16. harborboi says:

    She wanna fuck floyd .. Thats why she keep his name in her mouth , she
    really want his D in her mouth ..

  17. Saeed S says:

    Very nice.

  18. MrKehman321 says:

    Ronda always aRouses me :)

  19. Ubercubertuber says:

    IS he taking hormones or did she just gain too much weight ? She looks like
    a guy now.

  20. mafijaspravi says:

    who is this man and why is he dressed as a girl