Ronda Rousey demands an apology from Stephanie McMahon: Raw, Feb. 26, 2018

Ronda Rousey demands an apology from Stephanie McMahon: Raw, Feb. 26, 2018

After being slapped by Stephanie McMahon at WWE Elimination Chamber, “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey wants retribution.
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85 Responses

  1. OhEm Jet says:

    Triple H used PUNCH. It was super-effective

  2. -TigerClawOfficial- says:

    Ronda out here fighting men now???😂😂

  3. Jakub Kpunkt says:

    this story is soooo awkward…just let her snap stephs arm already

    • Jakub Kpunkt says:

      and how they gonna finish this weird tension between Kurt and Ronda?, I cant even look at it, its just so goddamn awkward. Kurt act like a goofy nerd, Ronda is super angry and stuff, but they truly wanna go one on one, if you know what I mean. And there´s StephOMac too, everything she said live during the last decade is just so bad, I felt ashamed all the time. How in the hell are they gonna break that case of pure awkwardness? Steph cant just tap, Ronda has to (kayfabe) snap her arm and Kurt has to jump on them trying to give Ronda a clumsy kiss, even its the definite wrong time and place. HHH just standing, selling his injurys from the match, maybe try to act that he has any feelings left for Steph. And with this outcome, we all can conclude: “All right, they are just stupid, now I get it”.

    • Arnaud Thomas says:

      Jakub Kpunkt Lmao ikr this is cringe

    • ced2k caritas says:

      Ronda should snap hhh’s arm imao.

  4. Oswald says:

    “I’ve never been slapped in the face before” *cough* holly *cough* holm

  5. Logan Crews says:

    I have waited for Ronda’s slap to Steph

  6. Sadaf Ahmed says:

    4:38 I laughed into tears when hunter suddenly hits Kurt angle

  7. ULTRA HAZE MAN says:

    I’m glad Rounda is on the roster finally.

  8. SiiCkBOyy83 says:

    Ronda already better on the mic than Roman

  9. Chase Gibbon says:

    Asuka vs Ronda Rousey

    • Farzam Salimi says:

      It will be Summer Slam, and Auska will be defeated, and Round will be undefeated for a long long time… Maybe till nest SummerSlam…

    • Nick Shafer says:

      That makes no sense. At mania Ronda and asuka both need to win to maintain their momentum. Plus asuka won the rumble so she is already in a title match

    • Brandon Strausbaugh says:

      It’s steph vs Rhonda or steph and hhh vs rhonda and Kurt wrestle mania

  10. jaafar kassim says:

    This path they have taken with Ronda Isn’t gonna payoff, she should have gone with Face and given her a better storyline than acing off with the Authority 2.0

    • Salvador Brito-Bueno says:

      She’s doing pretty good. They’re levitating her

    • michael newbill says:

      jaafar kassim no way man just remember this has actually planned out very well since Mania 31.and who knows who will team with Ronda to take down the Authority.maybe Kurt .definitely not the Rock.I’m thinking JOHN CENA gets involved and tags with her

    • Nero Pytherios says:

      This plot may work for Ronda. It plays to her aggressiveness style. Just how long can they get this plot to work is the key. I’m sure behind the scenes she does provide some input on which direction she wants to see her character go. Be the villain of this story, or the hero, or be the one that doesn’t play by the rules.
      Just hoping it works out for her, she did look ecstatic to be there, and probably much happier. She’ll get more fans this way.

    • Tye Bell says:

      stupider things have happened

  11. its time lol says:

    This make’s me cringe

  12. Best in the world says:

    who else think that HHH is also scared of Ronda Rousey

  13. Cecilia Lobo says:

    what the hell did i just watch ..

  14. Arkham Knight says:

    Edge is back!!!!

  15. Adriana Robledo ASMR says:

    Lmao why he hit him like that… lol

  16. CodyCollier1000 says:

    Ronda Rousey is amazing

  17. THE EXTREMEKID says:

    That apology was so fake

  18. Imran Siddiqui says:

    *4:39** its very funny how triple h hits kurt and walk away😂😂*

  19. JustLittleTrill says:

    Why he hit him like that

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