Ronda Rousey & Gordon Ramsay Wrestle While Making Breakfast Burritos | Scrambled

Ronda Rousey & Gordon Ramsay Wrestle While Making Breakfast Burritos | Scrambled

In February, WWE and former UFC’er Ronda Rousey joined Gordon in his kitchen to bring the heat…fire alarms and all! This week Ronda’s brought Gordon gifts for her farm to make a delicious breakfast burrito with kobe beef and duck eggs! There’s a few surprises in store including a wrestling match you never know you needed! It’s a Scrambled you won’t forget.

Special Thanks to Joe Buck for his play by play. You can download his new podcast Daddy Issues here:

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63 Responses

  1. Avinandan Dey says:

    I swear they look like siblings trying to cook stuff at midnight because they’re hungry

  2. juniorninetyy says:

    Some say they are still hanging out and high fiving to this day.

  3. MARCELOURS says:

    You love him or hate him, Gordon is clever as hell, not only in cooking but in real life as well. A real gentleman.

  4. Conjure Corpse says:

    I honestly just came for the armwrestling part

  5. Stanky Leg privileges says:

    I admire Gordon’s physical condition taking his age into consideration dudes a beast.

  6. Radio Active says:

    Kobe is very very special to us so we slaughtered his ass.

    • Malik Yassin says:

      @YaBoiFetz its just the thought that your “friend” is dead and he’s gone. So for most people its saddening

    • Psilocybe Vibe says:

      Radio Active KOBE be like :- “wtf bruh,u said u loved me” 😂😂

    • YaBoiFetz says:

      @Malik Yassin We had other animals. Like real pets. A cat, a hamster, a canary an some

      guinea pigs. We loved them all but we knew the rabbits will end on the plate. There’s nothing wrong with that
      P.s The rabbits tasted freaking delicious every single time

    • xwr3ksh0px says:

      Lol! Noooo they “harvested” him

    • Edward Ortega says:

      I read this before i seen the video….. Thought it was a bad bryant joke

  7. Alexander Alexandre says:

    Ronda telling Gordon her Tortilla “needs an extra second”. 😂😂😂

  8. LD Marz says:

    Gordon : *cracks egg on counter to empty the egg*
    Ronda : “you just crack it??!”

  9. RagingRaygun says:

    Why did you start farming?
    Most people: “Family tradition/Its a great hobby.”
    Ronda: “Zombies.”

    Love her.

  10. Marco Utreras says:

    Ramsay: So what got you into farming?
    Rousey: Zombies
    Best answer.

  11. Kazoushi says:

    Why’d i read “Ronda Ramsey and Gordon Rousey”

  12. Kars says:

    Why does Gordon treat everyone like they’re his kids

  13. Sasha K says:

    Fight of the year:

    Ronda Rousey vs. Gordon Ramsay

  14. Aryaan Shastri says:

    Ronda: talks about how special her cow was and how much it meant to her
    Camera: cuts to the same cow’s beef that’s minced to absolute shit.

    • Danielle says:

      I was just about to say the same thing. My mind was saying “did I hear right”

    • BoxingBreakDowns 101 says:

      @Dan H What’s the alternative? Cremating him inside of a cockpit.

    • MBJ920 says:

      BoxingBreakDowns 101 the cow was 2 years old, cremating as an alternative is irrelevant to the topic at hand, just saying

    • SIG GOTSIG! says:

      @Dan H All Wagyu is not Kobe. All Kobe is Wagyu. If she didn’t get it raised from Kobe, Japan then it isn’t Kobe. It is American Wagyu. Being that Wagyu raised in Kobe eat are treated different you’d figure it would taste different.

    • Mina Cerracchio says:

      Bet he’s tender as…he’d make the perfect steak tartare

  15. William Dawber says:

    “Gordon’s looking for the lamb sauce” but did he ever find it 😂

  16. xıvıx Theottis Levon Beelzabuster Guss-Smith says:

    Did you know that Gordon is a karate black belt? So everytime he’s screaming at someone he knows he can back it up lol

  17. Klopp's Teeth says:

    “2 years old when we “harvested” him”. Nice euphemism looool

    • Tyson Carver says:

      She killed it, so what. She tried to make it sound less gruesome to appease the masses. I would have said “Put 1 between it eyes”

  18. Richard Huff says:

    The proper order is “New Zealand, waterfall then dead animal, marriage”

  19. Oscar Zhu says:

    “Gordon’s looking for the lamb sauce.We’ll be right back.”

    The most wholesome thing ever

  20. Akeem says:

    She brushed the cattle’s hair and fed him and raised him..

    So she literally killed her pet for food

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