Ronda Rousey — I’m Ashamed Of My Face

Ronda Rousey — I’m Ashamed Of My Face

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Dana White Breaks Down The Fight:

Ronda Rousey doesn’t want anyone to see the damage Holly Holm did to her face — taking drastic measures to cover up as she arrived back in L.A. moments ago.

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20 Responses

  1. Pequenio BruceX says:

    Even with all her strength and fame she’s still a human and a woman, people
    needs to step back their shit about her, if someone would have a visible
    injurie it wouldn’t be a crime to hide it.

  2. Beetwate305 says:

    she needed too get her ass kicked, she needed to be humbled

  3. comolokko says:

    Holly Holm kicks Ronda Rousey’s ass and TMZ’s got the video.

  4. henhfs says:

    She looks like a little kid crying with her nap pillow

  5. Matthew Swindler says:

    people who film shit like this need to be ashamed of themselves. give
    combat sports a try and the day you get your come-uppance see how much you
    like a camera shoved in your face. im not a ronda fan trying to stick up
    for her either. i didnt like her antics towards holly but this is bullshit.
    i like how these guys got zero acknowledgement even though theyre trying to
    act like their cool with Travis Browne.

  6. Fenristripplex says:

    Sorry Ronda but this is pathetic and not how an ex champion deals with a
    busted face.

  7. Aniq Ahmad says:

    Real fighters don’t hide their wound while this bitch hide it meaning Holly
    Holm beat her up real good.

  8. ChaBoyyHD says:

    0:16 4 god damn hats?!

  9. Damon Ashley says:

    all that talk, and turns out she’s just a little pussy.

  10. MOUNTAINOUS says:

    epic. epic epic. i have been waiting to see. a interview etc. she was the
    cockiest bitch ever. did you see her when they announced the fight. how she
    acted like a man. all tough face and like i am a big bitch and so fucking
    hard. the other girl was so much faster. responsive. stronger. more
    powerful. it wasnt even fair. poor rousey didnt stand a chance. learn from
    this folks. be humble. she wouldnt even touch gloves before the fight.
    karma came to kick her ass. she had lost her cool before the fight started.
    and was angry. angry dont help in the fight. calmness does. now she hides
    her face. pathetic.

  11. martin dominguez says:

    Drama queenX1000

  12. Mir Ashikuzzaman says:

    she’s fucking overrated , nothing more than that.
    she deserve to be ashamed.
    now, she going to learn how to respect other.
    hahahahahahahahahahaha bitch

  13. Beni JT says:

    I saw her wearing Diapers too…HAHAHA….Have you guys noticed…Dana’s
    little puppy..

  14. Jalapeno Popps says:

    she lost against Holly?

  15. John J. Bluvas says:

    Wonder? Did Rhonda get too Hollywood for her own good. She looked awful in
    the ring. Sad but so true. Sometimes folks get too wrapped up in the hype
    that their idiot managers put out.

  16. Joshua Johnson says:

    no need to be ashamed of your battle scars Ronda you’re still an amazing
    fighter and all the best fighters have them

  17. Benjamin Mennell says:


  18. axton36 says:

    She is SUCH a crybaby and sore loser….. Glad Holly busted that face up.

  19. TheNLHunting says:

    If she had showed more humility in the past this sting of shame wouldn’t be
    hurting so bad. This is a lesson for everyone’s life really, don’t be so
    cocky cause its gonna hurt when you fail. She should stop being so fucking
    selfish, in actuality she has only everything to be proud of, she already
    accomplished so much yet wants to hog all the glory and fame for herself?
    Shes a role model to many and shes letting them down by acting like this.

  20. DevPack says:

    yea you lost. Its a part of life. Pick yourself up and get back to work. I
    think she looks more badass looking like that lol.