Ronda Rousey is suspended after launching an attack: Raw, June 18, 2018

Ronda Rousey is suspended after launching an attack: Raw, June 18, 2018

One night after Alexa Bliss cashed in her Women’s Money in the Bank contract to become Raw Women’s Champion, The Baddest Woman on the Planet goes on a rampage that has repercussions.
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83 Responses

  1. Ronda Rousey says:

    Again i badly attack Alexa Next Week

  2. foulpotato says:

    Alexa bliss has amaazing mic skills

  3. Zachary Cromlish says:

    Alexa Bliss > the entire Raw women’s division
    She’s the PG version of AJ

    • Jeff Pryce says:

      Blasphemy. AJ was unique. Special. No one is like AJ. Least of all Alexa.

    • Syria Anderson says:

      In a way yeah but alexa is not some crazy chick that runs around skipping and kissing random people like kane, john cena, dolph ziggler and much more

    • J_J611 says:

      Except Aj was actually good inside the ring and could sell a move 10x better than Alexa ever can. Whether it be her performing the move or getting a move performed on her.

    • Steven says:

      Eliam Pena Urena Alexa Bliss is the best on the mic though. Wrestling skills are important, but to have a good title reign you really need the mic skills also. Alexa is definitely not the best wrestling wise, but it’s kind of an exaggeration to say she sucks.

  4. Allison Drury says:

    Ronda ain’t no rookie Ronda is a strong passionate girl that could beat Alexa bliss in 10 seconds.

    • bishop12ist says:

      What happen with amanda nunes and holly holmes

    • Jeff Pryce says:

      Syria Anderson No, you’re wrong, and you’re wrong, with a side order of wrong, which will one day grow up to be a big and strong WRONG. A five foot so-called “goddess” beating a former UFC Champion and Olympic judo medalist? Okay, next I suppose James Ellsworth will beat Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship. 😂 Ronda would snap Bliss like a pencil in 10 seconds flat.

    • Della Laplante says:

      Jeff Pryce why do u think since she knows judo or ufc moves that she could beat alexa. Its not a gurantee if alexa hits a ddt (i rhymed) because you cant use gay judo moves in the ring

    • Aust Gaming says:

      Allison Drury she just did

  5. Oceans808 says:

    Ronda’s acting is soooo good here! Bwahahahahahahhaa

  6. Watch Me DIY It says:

    you know there was no way that table wasn’t going to be broken! hahaha.

  7. dasha y isamara says:


    • Syria Anderson says:

      dasha y isamara that does not give her the right to go around and assault people that like she owns the place I mean come on would you do the same thing to jeopardize your career not me

    • dasha y isamara says:

      Syria Anderson well is my thoughts people just stop

    • dasha y isamara says:

      Syria Anderson and she did that because of ALEXA BLISS AND PEOPLE THAT IS ACTING THEY Tell THEM WHAT TO DO

    • dasha y isamara says:

      Syria Anderson and on sunday alexa attacked her with the money in the bank briefcase and alexa deserved that and alexa was provoking her so sweety rewind

    • dasha y isamara says:

      Syria Anderson ik is unfair thatbshe hurt kurt angle and the other people but its alexas fault for provoking her

  8. Jamie Williams says:

    Kurt angle make me laugh as gm

    • Syria Anderson says:

      Jamie Williams he is doing the best he can I mean especially when he has nutbags lkie ronda rousey running assaulting people I mean come u got to give him credit but I think none of this would have happened if the authority was in charge bring the authority back

  9. GB TheMusicMaster says:

    She didn’t deserve to be suspended.😂

    • christine fry says:

      Megatron Griffin wwe is not fake its scripted and no theyre not the same thing. I mean when they put their heads in a headlock thats sooooo fake right? No.

    • Donnovan Salsgiver says:

      GB TheMusicMaster yes she put her hands on Kurt angle

    • Ztornado says:

      Only reason she’s suspended is because she doesn’t want to have a hard schedule like all the other superstars. This is why she hasn’t had a match since WrestleMania. They did the same thing with Lesnar the night after WrestleMania 31

  10. JaggedGiraffe24 says:

    What a badass.

  11. Umbreon Untamed says:

    the Alexa Mic work continues
    this is why they put the belt on her
    best female heel this decade

  12. Effie Ford says:

    I hope everyone knows this is fake

  13. dsteele2332 says:

    SUCH A JOKE…at no point at all should Bliss be in a ring near Rousey lmao smh…seriously this is cringe with her yet again with a reign after these last couple of stale boring runs…rinse and repeat from last smh…nothing about a Bliss match is believable let alone surviving 1 punch from Rousey lol

    • Jeff Pryce says:

      cod500 I think everyone in this thread has accepted Ronda’s star power. What’s not acceptable is believing that Bliss, who doesn’t really have great matches and is an average wrestler, could last long against Ronda aka the female Brock Lesnar. That’s what we’re getting at.

    • multisupi says:

      It’s a burn. I mean there is no comparison between Rousey and Bliss. Rousey was the soul of the toughest league on the planet, the UFC, whereas Bliss looks like a delicate girl with expert talk skills. Another thing that makes it hilarious is Rousey is coming from battling with the likes of HHH and Nia Jax, and now this…

    • Danish says:

      There was only one cringe here, and that was Ronda.

    • DoSHachiko says:

      Because the ‘formula’ in main roster is pretty obvious, if they’re trying to build a monster-character: have her feud with a jobber/mid-carder before quickly pushing her to the main card. If it was in Triple H’s control, he would’ve given her some matches and given her a great storyline to back it up (ex. Shayna messing up Dakota Kai, having girls submit to her, and showing the eerie air of the women’s locker room, when she became NXT Women’s Champion.)

  14. ZiggyKick921 says:

    Killer Instinct announcer: ULTRAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

  15. Bennet massier says:

    Badass 😂😂

  16. Bennet massier says:

    Ronda is the baddest women on the planet

  17. cLeannyy says:

    Brockina Lesnarina

  18. ItsNoahScott says:

    Ronda Rousey is the attitude era.

  19. Jalal alsharef alsharef says:


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