Ronda Rousey Needs to Train with Donnie Baker for MMA Fights

Ronda Rousey Needs to Train with Donnie Baker for MMA Fights

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20 Responses

  1. TankEpidemic says:

    “Started at discount karate”

    I’m fucking dying.

  2. Christian “CQ” Quiñonez says:

    “That Puerto Rican girl from Brazil…” ???

  3. wepeeler says:

    “I’ve had a full body boner for 2 weeks” I’m done. I’m in tears.


  4. Jonathan Youd says:

    I would insert my erect dick into any hole on ronda rouseys body as long as
    it’s moist

  5. Liv Kin says:

    At 0:33, he asks her if she thinks she’s “invisible”. I think he meant
    “invincible”. Love it! Then again, with the way she strikes, she might
    as well be invisible since her opponents don’t seem to see her punches
    coming. 🙂 Regardless, this is hilarious.

  6. Mike Arroyo says:

    omg lol

  7. Paul Nesbitt says:

    you’re awesome: thank yeow from Canada eh….

  8. PSdissenter says:

    Wow, he’s like an adult version of Bobby from King of the Hill….

  9. dogzrgood says:

    You knocked out that Puerto Rican girl from Brazil :)

  10. Abishek Sharma says:

    Call his pager for christ sake… make this happen rhonda. i wanna see how
    the baby would look like before my soul leaves my body.

  11. Mohanad Al-Safi says:

    is this even real????

  12. Mohanad Al-Safi says:

    im taking pills for that now!!!!!! aaaahahahahahahahah!

  13. Robert Zepeda says:

    who played Volleyball for Ben Stillers! ?lmao

  14. bizeigel says:

    too funny

  15. dale lgribble says:

    Lmfao did anyone else spit out their drink at “make that bitch tap out, at
    the weigh in.I swear to GOD” hahaha! I love this guy. He plays this
    character perfectly.

  16. skogga says:

    I used to wonder why the Bob and Tom show kept someone as un-funny as
    Donnie Baker on their show, but I figured it out. 6-to-9 year old kids
    going to school while their parents listened to the show needed humor they
    could understand, thus Donnie Baker’s childish jokes became the main reason
    I turn the radio off in the morning.

  17. TyrantBoy says:

    OMG imagine this guy as a commentator.

  18. Andre Correa says:

    He’s not serious right he’s joking right

  19. MrKeykeylikesit says:

    Well she does speak white trash… 

  20. PurpleScarz says:

    This man is trying way too hard.