Ronda Rousey Sees Holly Holm as a Big Threat

Ronda Rousey Sees Holly Holm as a Big Threat

Ronda Rousey runs down her UFC 193 opponent Holly Holm’s biggest advantages and challenges Jimmy to a Mario Kart rematch.

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Ronda Rousey Sees Holly Holm as a Big Threat

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20 Responses

  1. Francis def says:


  2. John Lincoln Hawk says:

    Damn Ronda looks like a man.

  3. Ninth Cinema Down says:

    Holy shirt, one look and I’m ready to throw caution to the wind and try out
    my ground and pound.

  4. WiseBlasian says:

    Another 40 seconds fight… like theyre trying hard as fuck to sell this
    fight but we all know how this is gonna end up.

  5. .m. says:

    she has such a cute smile but damn she’s deadly

  6. renaissancemen1 says:

    Rhonda, I think I love you. But I wanna know for sure. I think I can arm
    bar you. Let’s make it happen.

  7. Darryl “darvlaskie” Wolfe says:

    You’re not fooling anybody Ronda.. We all know Holly Holms is an easy

  8. Steve Holmgren says:

    2:06 The moment you realize Fallon doens’t wear that bandage anymore!

  9. King Diamond619 says:

    Stop crying over Floyd Mayweather you’re just like him,Floyd Mayweather
    fights people past their prime.Ronda fights people she can only beat up she
    keeps running from Chris cyborg.I do think holly homes can get her buster
    Douglas did it to Mike Tyson,Holly homes always has a punchers chance or
    high kick she might even have some takedown submission techniques.

  10. quezcatol says:

    im Swedish, Holly Holm has no chance, its judo vs boxing. its a waste of
    time, teh fight that is.

  11. AmiR HM says:

    she’s such a turn on

  12. Johan Stahle says:

    She’s breathtakingly beautiful

  13. MrAdds says:

    Ducking Cyborg!

  14. Biriqle says:

    does this sound to you like the ultimate surrender 🙂

  15. Bruce Halford says:

    I have a friend, a lady, who looks kinda like Jennifer Lawrence and Rhonda
    Rousey. When she’s sad she looks like Lawrence and when angry, looks like
    Rousey. ;-)

  16. colliot julien says:

    je suis amoureux d’elle

  17. SmoothCrmnl80 says:

    Beautiful, sexy, bad ass fighter, AND she plays video games? I’m in love!

  18. james fiacco says:

    Once upon a time for many years the most sophisticated females. Felt
    disrespected when a man. Did not look them in their eyes” when they were
    talking. Those females were pushing for equality. What I see here suggests
    submissive. I don’t know maybe in this case showing that much cleavage is
    better than looking in someone’s eyes. When the are painting toxic harmful
    makeup over them. If you don’t like preservatives in your food. You should
    not where it on your skin. Because whatever’s in that make up. Leaches into
    the skin pores. And then is absorbed into the bloodstream. Now keep in mind
    if you have one that works. There is 60,000 miles of area that blood can
    travel through within the body. That is enough area to circumference the
    earth twice. So you just contaminated your own highway with that cheap
    inferior makeup. The blood highway is what spiritually validates inner and
    outer body experiences. That’s exactly the kind of outfit I would expect to
    see from a Justin Bieber fan. Who is 100% undisciplined with self worth and
    value. I don’t know why I’m talking about that pretty boy Justin Bieber. He
    did not encourage motivate and inspire. Females to be their best in
    anything. The stepdad that was mentioned is that the same stepdad that told
    you having sex before a fight. Would increase your aggressiveness? Will he
    should of, also told to instead of making goofy eyebrow facial expressions.
    You should’ve made yourself look scared. Well if you like to fight. Looking
    scared will get your opponent to try harder. When a victim I mean opponent.
    Is trying their hardest that is the best time to crush them into a
    whimpering sheep. What kind of world are you leaving behind by promoting
    fake toxic makeup. What kind of example are you expressing when you display
    your body as if you were a desperate sloppy stinking slit. I thought your
    part of the sleigh ride. Was to prove that beauty is much more than skin
    deep. Stop being a crybaby that is scared to. Keep it real with yourself.
    Hiding behind makeup. Flashing your body. if your Trying to send a fashion
    statement how about using the best material you know something that is
    going to distribute moisture across the body extremely efficiently. Leaving
    a person feeling and smelling great during all their activities. That
    something I am referring to is hemp. It is far more versatile than any
    material you are wearing. Plus it is also can reverse global warming. The
    more you use it. The more oxygen it makes. More carbon monoxide it sucks
    in. Speaking of sucking in where is that chaperone. Freeloading opportunist
    boot lick’er coach that you paid to make poor decisions. When he should be
    paying you double to train you. . Hemp can improve the quality of are air
    rivers lakes and streams and oceans. And our landscapes. What can the
    material you are wearing do for any of those?. Let us ask the boot lick’er
    . Now that we have had that heart to heart. Maybe I should talk about the
    forecast of the fight.

  19. Nicholas Newman says:

    Why is this woman so famous all of a sudden..? Never heard of her before
    other than the short role she had in Fast 7

  20. Xherdan Shaqiri says:

    Rounda should get ass fucked