RONDA ROUSEY’S MOM Says SHE SHOULD RETIRE … Let the Dummies Get Punched in the Face! | TMZ Sports

RONDA ROUSEY’S MOM Says SHE SHOULD RETIRE … Let the Dummies Get Punched in the Face! | TMZ Sports

Ronda Rousey’s mom didn’t mince words after her daughter’s UFC 207 disastrous loss … her kid needs to hang it up.


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RONDA ROUSEY’S MOM Says SHE SHOULD RETIRE … Let the Dummies Get Punched in the Face! | TMZ Sports

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20 Responses

  1. Mike Jones says:

    so Amanda Nunez is stupid?

  2. Verified HC says:

    Ronda needs a new coach & she really needs to work on her defence. You
    can’t just tackle & submit everyone..

  3. John King says:

    Ronda was never a good fighter, Misha Tate was a great fighter. Ronda
    dominated because everyone she fought was smaller than her. but when she
    fought 2 people bigger than her she went down like an amateur.

  4. Gabriel Horta says:

    she ain’t gonna be doing movies no more LOL

  5. Lee John says:

    She is right her coach is horrible .

  6. Bernardo Brito says:

    White Trash.

  7. Charlie M says:

    Mama knows best

  8. Donald E Lorick Jr says:

    the best thing for ronda to do is retire from ufc and do movie

  9. Ross Ritchey says:

    hahahhahah retire ya wusssssss

  10. Justin Hughes says:

    ronda is trash

  11. Random Zombie says:

    Y’all need to remember that’s someone child grow up . Put some respect on
    her name . Smh so much hate it’s not even funny

  12. Daniel Gardner says:

    she’s a munter. why do people like to see women fight anyway?

  13. Bush Ninja says:

    I like Ronda’s mom, quit bugging her.

  14. TheGodEmperorofMankind says:

    Ronda is one of those dummies. Just because her mom has a PHD doesn’t make
    Ronda a rocket scientist.

  15. Michael Jarrell says:

    well said Mom!!

  16. michaelterry1000 says:

    I agree with her mother. There is no need for Ronda to continue to get
    hurt. Life is too short and there are loads of other financial
    opportunities available to Ronda.

  17. Johnny Favourites says:

    So calm and patient.

  18. Michigander says:

    lmao shes not superwoman for fucks sake she got lucky a few times. no
    legend. you put her against the guy with the worst record in MMA and he’ll
    still win

  19. Che مثلية عربية‎ says:

    Yes she should retire! Enough

  20. hungryandrew says:

    Her mom looks like she took a few hundred punches to her face.