Ronnie Mac Visited My House and Attempted the World’s Most Legendary Pond Gap… *BALD EAGLE BOOTER*

Ronnie Mac Visited My House and Attempted the World’s Most Legendary Pond Gap… *BALD EAGLE BOOTER*

Ronnie Mac at my house AND the Freedom Factory… this could get sketchy! Check out his channel –
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52 Responses

  1. Ronnie Mac says:


  2. Sheldon Petrie says:

    Uncle Ron-he’s not the Stig, he’s the Stig’s Floridian cousin!

  3. Johnny Turbo says:

    How do you make the Freedom factory more American??…. just add Ronnie Mac..

    The Ronnie Mac Attack!!!

    I should be getting my uncle Ronnie mystery box any day in the mail!!

    Come to Daddy Viper glasses and or 69% goggles and shirt!!

  4. Tom J18 says:

    “Ronald McDonald and Florida man face plant pond”

  5. RADB 02 says:

    Anyone noticed Cleetus is always wearing a white shirt when he’s doing stupid s*** 😂😂😂

  6. Butcher.cs says:

    “And what these 4 strokes do is they suck” 😂

  7. Harvey_Chittell says:

    Gopros don’t show how Nasty neighbour sounds. He’s a beast

    • gtm624 says:

      Yea same. I noticed that too. Neighbor sounded so different. I thought at first something wrong. Haha.

    • Joe Mt. Man says:

      Can you imagine what Leroy or the Dale truck sound like. Don’t know about yall, but I love the sound of a Nasty Chevy….

    • Mike Bender says:

      Neighbor is even nastier in person. My first C&C he had neighbor banging off the rev limiter and it sounded like constant two-step.

    • thethePete says:

      I was just thinking that. “Man, Neighbour sounds much nastier than I thought he did” ….Also, caught a fellow Canadian 😉

    • Jesse Thomas-Brown says:


  8. Ruben Braekman says:

    Cleet on his second channel: “Safety first kids!”

    Cleet on his main channel: “Let her rip tater chip!”

  9. Knotty God says:

    Legend has it that if you look up Freedom in the dictionary, you’ll find a picture of Uncle Ron rippin the Screamin Eagle

  10. M&M gaming says:

    “Tighten them up good because these walls are concrete”

  11. Adam Miller says:

    I cringed for rons face when he landed it looked like he head butted his bars badddddd😂🦅🦅🦅🦅

    • John Martin says:

      He cased it hard.

    • Adam Miller says:

      John Martin most definitely

    • sirgallium says:

      @Will Moto704 That monologue was so good (on if he could make it). “Well first of all the pit bike is a 4 stroke and 4 strokes suck so that’s not good. But on the other hand I am the most amazing thing on 2 wheels so all things considered I think I’ve got about a 69% chance of making it.”

    • Will Moto704 says:

      @sirgallium man uncle ron is awesome! Saving every 2 stroke he can lol. But yea if u not followed him before or know his past in AMA Supercross and Motocross, look him up Jimmy Albertson

    • John Martin says:

      @Adam Miller last time I cased one that hard my L1 and L2 just got tomahawked. He did have a choice tho. He was either going to come to a complete stop jumping off the bike or making the decision to ride it out. Go Ron Go! Freaking bald eagle factory over there. Jesus

  12. Dre Moore says:

    6:00 “I am not hittin that jump” lol ya screw that cleetus 😂

    • RMZrider12 says:

      I love how Cleetus does 7s in the 1/4 at over 180mph, but the 25 foot gap on the 110 is where he draws the line on sketchy 😂

  13. Tim Smallsreed says:

    “There is only one thing to do around a circle track like this…that’s to haul ass” Uncle Ronnie 2020.

  14. LéNoob says:

    “The jump is still there”

    *just drift a crown Vic wrong and it won’t be*

  15. Sazan Dervari says:

    Local drug dealer: What kind of drugs do you want?
    Ronnie: Yes!

    Holy shit this guy is friggin insane!

  16. Bryce Webb says:

    “4-strokes suck” nuff said

    Best sticker made period

  17. Dirty says:

    I just realized how good neighbor really sounds. The other cameras doesn’t serve him justice.

  18. Daniel Gochez says:

    I’ve landed like that once, broke my wrist and a rib. Takes a lot of fitness and technique to survive that unharmed. Hat is off to the legendary Ronnie Mac

  19. John Lutz says:

    Uncle Ronnie is a gawd damn merican legend, put him on the 69$ bill

  20. Begottencomet24 says:

    Everyone: Avengers endgame is the best crossover in history

    Me an intellectual: Ronnie mac and Cleetus

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