Ronny Chieng’s Oscar Snub | The Daily Show

Ronny Chieng’s Oscar Snub | The Daily Show

Ronny Chieng gives the Academy a piece of his mind after his performance in “Crazy Rich Asians” was overlooked in the Best Supporting Actor category.

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46 Responses

  1. Paul Binu says:

    Ronny Chieng!

  2. bhawana agrawal says:

    Trevor u look good ???
    Lol ronny’s funny


    ?Boondocks bring it back I need that Thuggin love

  4. Mohamed Ahmed Dahir says:

    I should nominate you for least supporting friend ?I am dead

  5. Star Cherry says:

    Lol Chieng is so bitter.
    You only had a couple lines!

  6. Sadam Amir STREAM says:

    Rony Chieng deserve Honestly nomination??? or Hassan Minhaj

  7. brainflash1 says:

    He’s right about Sam Elliot’s mustache.

  8. Star Cherry says:

    LOL all he did was sit in a car for 2 hrs!
    God damn! Shade!

  9. Asa Coe says:

    My vote is for Trump, the best comedians of 2019…

    Wait, you’re telling me he’s not a comedian?

    He’s a what?, … A president, you say?

    But, I’ve never laughed so hard at a corporate kakistocracy.

    .. well, that figures. Lmsao

  10. Cari says:

    ???? Ronny actually SHOULD have been nominated!

  11. ArcaJ says:


  12. Mictla says:

    Lol, Emo Darth Vader.

  13. MomoTheBellyDancer says:

    I didn’t know Ronny was such an anti-SAM-ite.

    • Бланкет Софт says:

      okay what the hell is going on in the comments, that was actually a fun pun that had nothing to do with Jewish people

    • Broken King says:

      +Бланкет Софт semites are not jews. Semites are a group of people who believe they own everything. And jews arent even real jews, they are the fake european ashkenazis. Just a bunch of thieves and plagarists

    • Andriele Silva says:

      It’s a joke, recognize the pun and go do your rant on an appropriate comment.

    • Бланкет Софт says:

      ​+Broken King okay, sure. but still, the pun isn’t about those people. it’s about Ronny and Sams. and it’s pretty good.

    • ReapeX says:

      +madhattet 65 easy reports

  14. Buck Rogers says:

    Haha, true. HK Chinese is very different from Malaysian Chinese.

  15. DeogratiusJR vlogs says:

    Incase nobody told you today..

    You are beautiful..??
    You are loved..?❤
    You are strong..
    You are needed..
    You are enough..
    You mean the world to anyone…
    Have a lovely day.!!
    Keep it cool.??

  16. MoppyPuppy says:

    I like how Trevor just tacitly admitted that the Academy Award nominations had nothing to do with which movie was best for each category but were instead chosen to avoid racial outrage and backlash.
    Crazy Rich Asians was such a bog standard movie that international audiences gave it an average reception, the movie Venom performed better.

  17. Ashtarte says:

    If anyone got snubbed it was Bo Burnham and Eighth Grade.

  18. Josué Artaud says:

    2:30 A chinese person from Malaysia. LMAO

  19. Keith Anderson says:

    Ronny Chieng was one of my favorite things about Crazy Rich Asians.

  20. jeff wolf says:

    I was very impressed with Spike Lee’s black KKK member true story was very very well done. He probably should have certainly gotten his acceptance earlier but this movie is incredibly powerful. Then again most of his are.

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