Roommates dog crying in their bed because they’re out of town

Roommates dog crying in their bed because they’re out of town

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20 Responses

  1. Gordon Tendick says:

    That dog needs a cuddle!

  2. Nuwanda84 says:

    i speak dog. he said go fuck your mother lol

  3. Hobbi Nods says:

    Minding my parents dog now and she’s pretty much the same! It’s all doom
    and gloom until they get back!?

  4. Trackmasterfour says:

    I’d be upset too if someone filmed me vertically

  5. PhoenixDIE says:

    Aww, he is so sad. Poor guy.

  6. The Man With No Plan says:

    Good luck pupper

  7. Povl Besser says:

    That doge will be like an amphetamine drugged, sugar addled kid with
    excitement when the humans return.

  8. Ace Xiv says:

    This is honestly a dog version of my cat. Even when I ask him “what?” he
    grumbles like that. XD

  9. Luke Peregrine says:

    Reunion video.

  10. john jaxon says:

    “oh god its greg. hey greg…”
    “what’re you doin?!”
    “ughhh nothing greg.”
    “ohhh yeah”
    “god damnit greg.”

  11. Link My Love says:


  12. Ann Le {Anneorshine} says:

    That pup needs a cuddle.

  13. 1969ChargerRTSE says:

    That dog is milking it. . .what a big tit.

  14. Meow Tow says:

    He’s probably crying because you’re recording a vertical video.

  15. MRCG Jynx says:

    make sure to get the reaction of when they return.

  16. Currently Disconnected says:

    So this is what it sounds like when dogs cry

  17. Super Kids says:

    Kill the dog and end its suffering.

  18. FarChu says:

    “For licensing / permission to use” SELLOUT

  19. Miles Wolfy says:

    She’s crying because you’re filming vertically

  20. Eliud Mwangi says:

    Rule number 1 for a video to start trending?

    Yep, you guessed it; Record vertically!