Rose Bowl: Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Michigan Wolverines | Full Game Highlights | CFB Semifinal

Rose Bowl: Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Michigan Wolverines | Full Game Highlights | CFB Semifinal

Check out these highlights from No. 1 Michigan’s 27-20 OT win over No. 4 Alabama in the 2024 Rose Bowl matchup. The Wolverines will play the winner of the Sugar Bowl matchup between the Texas Longhorns and the Washington Huskies in the College Football National Championship.

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41 Responses

  1. @smitty7517 says:

    That 4th quarter as a Michigan fan was intense. Roller coaster of emotions, can’t even imagine how the players were feeling. Great win

    • @skipgumphrey9579 says:

      Definitely a great win. Congrats to y’all on a hard fought victory. Good luck in the National Championship.


    • @donvandamnjohnsonlongfella1239 says:

      Based on all those mistakes bad snaps … looked like Alabama beat themselves.

    • @user-yv4mm6bx3c says:

      The ESPN win probability graph certainly looks like a roller coaster.

    • @Vareciaa says:

      @@donvandamnjohnsonlongfella1239 Michigan’s special teams tried just as hard to lose it 😂

    • @cortneyeverett6927 says:

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  2. @user-si7pj2jz5x says:

    I am so glad that Michigan won.. The most credit goes to that powerful Defense but overall Great Job Wolverines

    • @user-hm9is5ke9i says:

      Team known for cheating this year and you’re glad they won?

    • @Vareciaa says:

      @@user-hm9is5ke9i oh boohoo 😢 what they did didn’t even give them and advantage seeing as every team has film of every opponent, not to mention players and coaches from other programs admit it’s something everyone does.

    • @Zenigundam says:

      @@user-hm9is5ke9i Michigan was dominant throughout the year. The Wolverines were favored over Alabama for a reason. If Michigan had played a clean game, this would have been a comfortable victory. Didn’t have to cheat to beat the team all the “pundits” picked to win the national championship.

    • @Calibrownsfan says:

      @@user-hm9is5ke9i if you don’t think alabama did exactly the same thing you are ignorant.

    • @kickstart3974 says:

      @@user-hm9is5ke9i while yes Michigan will always have that hanging over their heads, what you can’t deny at least barring any unexpected news in the future, is that Michigan won this game without that advantage. If Michigan ends up winning the CFP, you could say that the team got there with an unfair advantage, but you couldn’t really say they won it with one.

  3. @mr.scruffydog4961 says:

    Guts and glory. What a game! Michigan’s defense is a force of nature. Shocking to see a Bama o’line steamrolled like that.

  4. @mmac3353 says:

    Great game. Michigan really showed toughness. Their D was all over Milroe. Much respect from a Tide fan. I hope Michigan goes all the way 👍

    • @ABitefLife says:

      Kudos to you for showing some class and respect. All I heard was horrible crying and sore loser talk from most of the tide fans after the game . The loss couldn’t have happened to a more deserving fan base!

    • @timothymanora4795 says:

      ​@@ABitefLife that’s how life goes, what goes up must come down. As a Bama fan I didn’t even think we would get as far as we did, let alone anywhere near the playoffs. We had our run, more bama fans need to accept that to some degree. The torch is being passed slowly but surely.

    • @rickmerritt128 says:

      @@timothymanora4795 true life is full of ups and downs and sideways.

    • @FuturisticAborigine says:

      Thank you for being honest. People have forgotten about honesty and mutual respect.

    • @user-vb1zf2vn7o says:

      Congratulations to the University of Michigan on their victory!

  5. @jeffleaf3901 says:

    Congrats to the Michigan Wolverines from a Wisconsin Badger fan. Huge win for the B1G!

  6. @davidf.1940 says:

    What a great game. After that missed field goal, I was starting to lose hope. But we won it in the end!! Go blue!!🎉

  7. @MountainMan. says:

    Michigan bullied Alabama at times. The Tide aren’t used to that. They brought the muscle and the quickness. Great game.

    • @ian_hulettyt says:

      Tf you mean the Tide aren’t used to that? We’ve been bullied constantly for decades, this year’s team had been struggling

    • @drivebyquipper says:

      Alabama bullied Michigan at times. The results are pure karma. That’s what happens when you jump a one-loss team ahead of an undefeated power team for the playoffs. I knew it would happen.

    • @drivebyquipper says:

      Besides, Michigan has been unstoppable this year!

    • @llongone2 says:

      Milroe definitely knows now. Dude’s gonna be in an ice bath all day tomorrow.

    • @I_got_a_STi says:

      Milroe is to dumb to understand. Arkansas bullied him as well. They just didn’t have the depth to keep up. Milroe is an idiot and Bama’s OL can’t pass protect. Michigan won by taking advantage of that. Michigan bullied Milroe and he wasn’t used to that. People played scared of Milroe’s running, Michigan didn’t. That was why Michigan won. Milroe didn’t grow like the talking heads wanted you to believe.

  8. @bjf5027 says:

    As a Penn State fan it was tough for me to root for Michigan, but they really needed to win this game for all of us in the Big 10.

  9. @jeffmurray1681 says:

    Georgia fan here. That was the sweetest victory I’ve witnessed that didn’t involve my Dawgs.

  10. @williamwertman24 says:

    A close friend of mine and a Forman at my shop was a huuuge michigan fan. He passed away from his fight with cancer this past summer and I can tell he was smiling over this win. He was even saying in the spring how good they looked this year for the defense prospects. He would have loved to see this one. I’m a psu fan but that was a good old fashioned ending. The trap/counter play to tie it up and then the ground game stopped at the 3 yrd line. That was awesome.

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